MiniArt 1/35 Railway tools and equipment
KIT #: 35572
PRICE: $24.95
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Drew Pratt


Since the history of most of the tools in this set is common knowledge, I will bore you with the ramblings of an old fart marveling at today's wonders! Some of us remember 40 some odd years ago picking up what at the time were the uber kits of the day. Included with a few was a pamphlet by Shep Paine and how he made a diorama with the kit. Oh how we would marvel at those amazing creations of a true master of the craft! Part of what made them amazing was the fact that as far as diorama accessories went there was not much to chose from! At that time there was 2 choices, 1st, scratch build something or 2nd drop an order form with a money order in the mail for a catalog and hope you found something that would work!

Now, jump into a search browser and decide, to name just a few options, resin or metal, they even have limited 3D printed! What a fantastic age we live!



There are 52 pieces of quality molded parts, 50 in gray and 1 clear and 1 red lens. Included are;

A wheelbarrow

2 railroad ties

A plethora of wrenches (Lumped in with the wrenches are the large pliers and crimpers.)

2 lanterns of different styles
A fire extinguisher

1 each of 3 sizes of hammers

A pry bar

An oil can

A funnel

1 each of 3 common shovels

A large and a small bucket

A blow torch

A pick ax

A wheel chock and finally a signal wand.


Most of the set are one piece items with a few needing actual assembly, such as one of the lanterns, the fire extinguisher and the wheelbarrow. The only scratch building is forming wire handles for the buckets. (Wire not included.). Majority of your time and effort will be painting.


This is a set with a myriad of possibilities since these are common tools that have not really changed through most of the twentieth century. Matter of fact I picked up this set in order to use a few pieces for stage dressing for a CSS Hunley vignette I am working on. Happily everything I need is in this set! Fantastic how with a little time poking around the internet  the world is at your fingertips!

Drew Pratt

December 2018


Kit courtesy of my meager funds.  

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