GC Laser 1/35 .30 cal, 4-can, linked ammo boxes

KIT #: 35-0022
PRICE: $12.99 SRP
REVIEWER: Ray Mehlberger

G.C.Laser is based in Genoa, Wisconsin. They started by doing H.O. railroad accessories. On the 1st of August, 2007 they introduced a line of military ammunition crates. This was after a year of preparation.

 These are in micro-plywood and laser cut.

It comes in a sealed cello bag that has a card stapled to the top of it. The card has a color photo of the crates assembled and G.C.Lasers street address, fax number and web site listed.

 Instructions state  that the finished crates make up to be 17/32 x 11/32 x 17/64 when completed. They also suggest following the steps in numerical order. The illustrations are very small and I suggest a magnifying glass to read them well.

These U.S. 30 Cal. crates will come in very handy for dioramas. I cannot wait to assemble these and see how they turn out.


Ray Mehlberger


June 2012

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