E-2046 1/3 Megan

KIT #: FG 7829
PRICE: $112 on preorder. $130 in stock (without shipping. Ship mail cost $46. $60 airmail)
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Donald Zhou
NOTES: Advantages: Extremely detailed, Excellent resin casting, Very sexy figure and absolutely heavy and huge: Disadvantages: Absolutely heavy and huge! Leg joints right at her crotch, back is all flat (since she’s meant to be on her back when done), and you gonna need gallons upon gallons of paint to paint her


No history here. This is an E2046 exclusive. But judging by the name, Megan and her facial sculpt, she does look a bit like a certain Transformers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle actress by the name Megan Fox…..Hrrrmmmmmm………  


Well, was trolling the E2046 web site a year ago, and stumbled on this kit. E2046 had it on sale since it’s on “Preorder”, meaning it’s cheaper since all E2046 kits have to reach a certain amount of preorder quota before it’s put into production. Reading people’s comments below, they all said this is a wonderfully done, beautiful large kit. I was intrigued so bought it without thinking! I mean, 1/3 scale. Just how big can it be? Well, like my 1/350 scale NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise, I eventually found out just how BIIIGG this B----- truly is!

So, after about a year, in April of this year, this kit finally reached its quota and was shipped out. Shipping was expensive. Airmail costs $60 so I opted for Surface or Ship Mail instead. Took four months before arriving a day ago. The instant I reached into the mail box, I almost dropped the package! The damn thing was heavy! I would say almost six pounds. Almost as heavy as my 1/350 USS Enterprise. Really intrigued now, I took it upstairs to break open the box and get the contents out….HOOO BOY!!!

Pieces are not many. They are main body, two legs, two arms, the head, back hair piece and the pony tail. The details on all are excellent and there are no flash anywhere except the pour mold studs, especially the ones on the shoulders and the legs. They are huge….Except I can forgive them cause the pieces are HUGE! The main body cast is at least 2.5 pounds of resin with the legs about a pound each. That’s a lot materials needed to be pour down the molds, hence the huge pour studs! Hey, at least there are no @$$ big mold blocks to remove! Just how big is this kit? I reckon if you somehow can stretch Megan out, with her arms raised high above her head and her legs vertically standing beneath, she would be 32 inches tall! That’s about the length of my Enterprise. In fact, just for a goofball comparison, I carefully took down my Enterprise and did a comparison. Her body is nearly the diameter of the Enterprise saucer while her legs are literally the size and length of the warp nacelles! That IS BIG! In another photo, I took my YoRHa 2B at 1/6th scale and one of my 1/35 M1A2 Abrams and compared them to her body cast. The body is almost as big as both and weighted more than both! Safe to say, I need to clear some space on the shelf for her when she’s done!

She of course, isn’t that big in model form. This is because when done, she’s on her back…Which leads to my first quibble. Her back, include a good part of her gluteal, is flat to convey this fact. However, with her legs on, she can be easily posed in sitting mode. Hence why I really wanted the caster to make her back and gluteal full so we can have that option. Here, she can be only posed on her back…Ohh well, small quibble but would’ve been nice if the option was there. Once on her back, her legs are cranked almost 90 degrees upwards, folding against each each other. Her arms. The right arm, the fingers are almost touching her right nipple while the left, the fingers are touching the top of her hair. This means I have to leave her left arm off until painting is almost finished so I don’t blow a fuse trying to paint her hair while not ruining the arm! This means when completed, her length is actually gonna be around 14 inches long but she’s gonna be around 16inches tall cause of her feet are up in the air. Luckly, I have shelf with just enough clearance to sneak her in without her impacting the top! Thank goodness!

However, because of her size and despite the good fit, there are seams. This is one of the major comment on everyone who already built the kit. It’s almost unavoidable. I cemented on her right arm. Despite the good fit, the seam is very very noticeable so putty and sanding session here we come! So is her neck to her head joint. Hence why I also left off her left arm. To give clearance so I can putty and sand that neck joint. However, her most annoying aspect has to be her leg joints.

The big problem here is how the caster cast the joint. She is buck naked in her birthday suit and anatomically correct. However, there are no extended molding around the lower area so once you join the legs to her hip, there is almost no clearance. This means tackling the end resulting seams are gonna be a huge hassle since one misstep…..Not only that, because of her crossed leg pose, the space around the front of her hip is very tight so if you put on both legs, trying to reach the seams down there gonna be next to impossible so that’s why I will join one leg, putty and sand the seam, then join the other and hope for the best. Other than that, there is nothing major except you need some serious shelf space for her and it’s why not many people bought her despite the fact she is a very nice kit despite the leg joint issue….That size and weight simply mean not everyone has the space to display her when done! 


Well, there goes another one of my “waifus” on the front burner, well, after Darth Vader captures the Alien Queen and bring her back to the Emperor…Before all hell break loose as you are about to see! The only other problem I foresee…Through the powah of the “FORCE”……Ummm….Not really lol…Is that you need gallons upon gallons of paint for this B-----! Safe to say, I’m gonna save my Tesor’s Flesh base since I don’t really want to waste them since Rustoleum had cancled the entire Model Master line. I have five bottles but I’m getting the sinking feeling after these five, that’s it! And you don’t need the Force to feel that! So the plan of attack is to use Tamiya, which is much pinker and darker for the base, then use artistic cream and sunkiss peach for the highlights and use the base as the shadow and shading. Might need some practice first but stay tuned! This is very unique to say the least and will be the highlight of my female model figures on the shelf to say the least! Not the least of which, the size alone will draw a few eyeballs!

Donald Zhou

July 2021

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