E-2046 1/6 Sima Yao

KIT #: FG 5900
PRICE: $77.29 + $26.00 shipping
REVIEWER: Mark Hiott
NOTES: Resin kit


 I could find nothing on the internet about this character. Either she is made up, or so vague that nothing comes up.

This comes from the E2046 website: 14 years old. A young mistress of Panda Resort who is curious about the outside world. This adorable girl has a outspoken character with green costume and spear in her hand.


The thing that impresses me most about E2046 is the care they take packaging their kits. This one came with the main box inside a box and wrapped in shipping paper! Total size of the box was 11x7x4.5 inches. The main box was set in plastic so that it wouldn't be banged around in shipping. In turn, the parts were all wrapped in bubble wrap and individually sealed in their own pockets. There was so much bubble wrap, that when I opened the box, I couldn't get it all back in! Very impressive...

The kit is comprised of 31 parts in a light colored resin and 1 piece of plastic rod for the staff. The molding is top notch with very good detail. All the parts are keyed, so assembly should be a breeze. Some filler may be required on a few parts, but I doubt it will be much. In fact, the Panda is one impressive piece or resin. It is hollow, but still has very fine detail for the hair. One thing that stuck me as odd is that the pour stubs are still attached to the parts. The past E2046 kits I've seen all had them removed. Two small decals are included for the figures outfit and they were in a small ziplock baggie and taped to the inside of the lid.

Instructions include a parts list and an exploded view showing how the figure goes together, typical of E2046. There are no color callouts, but E2046 does include a colored drawing, 2 small photos as well as the large color photo on the box top. More then enough help to get the figure painted. However, I would think that the colors could be anything the builder chooses. I've seen it built in shades of purple as well as brown.


With a total cost of almost $88, these kits are expensive, but considering what you get, I think they are worth the money. They go together very easy and have incredible detail. I have no trouble recommending any E2046 kit to someone wanting to try a figure.

Mark Hiott

April 2014 

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