Paracel Miniatures 1/35 Vietnamese cow cart

KIT #: AC 3511
PRICE: $70.00 
REVIEWER: Harald Verweij

Every now and then, you come across something that triggers your modeling imagination. Paracel Miniatures is a small company from Vietnam specializing in, among other things, Vietnam related models, 35th scale figures and accessories.

I first found out about them through Facebook and later on visited their website. I then decided to order 2 sets, figuring Iíd be able to incorporate these items in a future Vietnam themed diorama.

Talking about the conflict in Vietnam, I could try and explain what happened there, but most of us know what went on. For those that donít, I recommend a good Google search.

Anyways, I ordered my kits directly from them using PayPal and it arrived some time later. (Dutch customs had to be a spoilsport and open it up to investigate, but that happens sometimes). The cream colored and grey colored resin is almost flawless and should go together without a problem.

The pieces are grouped in little zip lock bags. They will need some clean up, as does most resin (be careful when using power tools on the resin, use protection, both for your eyes and mouth). The ox and oxcart really look the part and will look great when assembled.

The civilians (which are a separate kit) are cream colored too and very detailed. They'll look great on the oxcart.

I recommend a resin primer, before you start the painting process. When it comes to painting, youíre on your own, as there are no colors/paints mentioned in the a5 sized black and white instructions . Again, a google search should turn up the info you need.

As for the diorama, thatís in the future.. (not saying when, because Iím a modeler and things take timeÖ)

I bought them myself, so kits courtesy of me and my PayPal account

Harald Verweij

March 2018


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