Modelkitonline 1/6 Bayonetta (Cereza)
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PRICE: $60.00 plus shipping
REVIEWER: Donald Zhou
NOTES: Advantages: Extremely detailed, Excellent resin casting, Beautiful figure of my “bae-bae” waifu!
Disadvantages: Some casting are now warped (figure cast was first made back in 2010), Some items broke during shipping, A LOT of small parts and Painting will test you to your limit!

Bayonetta, real name Cereza is an Umbran witch, the kind of witch you don’t F**K with that is! For centuries, the Umbran witches and the Luman sages lived in harmony. Each with an “Eye of the World”, the witches of course, the eye of darkness that govern Hell/Inferno, the Sages, eye of light that govern Heaven/Paradiso, that is, until a Sage, Balder, and a Witch, Rosa, made a forbidden love and birthed a child that has both worlds….That child of course, is Cereza…..So the witch hunts were on. The fighting between the sages and witches lasted until no one was left, except Balder and Cereza, who was sunk beneath the bottom of a lake, along with the eyes of darkness for the next 600 years by her best friend, Jeanne, in order to protect her, and the eye. Now awake but with no memory of herself, the past and everything else, she adapted a new name, Bayonetta, with help from fallen angel in disguise, Rodin and a rather foul mouth wise guy Italian informant Enzo, she will find out the truth, one way or the other! And as an Umbran witch, the last surviving of her kind alongside her friend, Jeanne, she possess some unique powers, including summoning the limbs of the demon she made a pack with, Madama Butterfly, and can summon demons at will through…….The loss of her clothes! You see, umbran witches derive their power and strength from their…hair! All of Bayonetta clothes are made out of her own hair, which not only clothe her, but also act as her body armor (Don’t ask!). She also uses her hair to access inferno to summon her pet demons to crush angels….Hence whenever she does that….She becomes essentially buck naked (again, don’t ask!). She also utilizes plenty of weapons such her default magical guns, the Scarborough Fair…..Four of them, one on each limb….Yes, including two that are locked onto her ankles and yes, she can indeed fire her “Feet Guns” at will and with aplomb too (again and again, don’t even ask me how she does it!)….And did I mention that she hunts angels for a living?

Anyways, the original game was created by Platinum Games, from the mind of Hedeki Kamiya, the same creator who came up with the popular game series, “Devil May Cry”. The Bayonetta series is in the same vein, a “hack-n-slash” game where the titular character herself, Bayonetta, uses various weapons to “hack” and/or “slash” through multiple enemies in order to reach her destination (hence the name of the genre, “hack-n-slash” games). The first Byonetta game was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2009 and sold over 2.5 million copies. However, despite this, the game was deemed to have not met the target sales figures and the sequel was canceled by then publisher Sega. Despite pleading from both Kamiya and Platinum Games to both Microsoft and Sony to save the Sequel, Bayonetta 2, both company disagreed. The sequel was borderline on being canceled when to everyone’s surprise, Nintendo, a company known for its family friendly image (Bayonetta games have always been exceedingly violent with a huge sex appeal factor, as you can see the figure. Both games are rated “M” by the ESRB, equivalent to a rate “R” movie), step in, not only founded the sequel, but also helped Platinum develop the game and published the game from Sega. This did not please the so called “hardcore” gaming community one bit, many of whom actually sent death threats to Kamiya and Platinum for “giving” the game away to Nintendo! Anyways, just how adamant was Nintendo on keeping Bayonetta’s “Mature” theme? There was one story where an artist was drawing one of many Nintendo themed outfit for Bayonetta for the sequel, one outfit features the ever popular titular character “Link” from the Legend of Zelda series (Just how popular the Zelda series is? The late Robin Williams named his daughter, Zelda Williams….After the series!). Thinking Nintendo might like something more family friendly, he drew the outfit covering Bayo’s overtly large boobies…..Nintendo promptly turned him down saying, “This is NOT Bayonetta in any way shape or form!” So he submitted an earlier drawing of Bayonetta wearing a much more open Link outfit that showed a huge amount of her overflowing breasts and breast crack! Nintendo promptly gave the approval!

The game Bayonetta 2 was released in 2014 and sold over 1 million copies on the very poor selling Wii U. The game, along with the original game, was re-released on the now popular Switch and sold another 1.5 million copies to date. Then there is the fact that when Nintendo hosted a voting competition to see who the game players might want in their ever super popular fighting game franchise, Super Smash bros. the vote went to Bayonetta and she won (among Negotiable and Realizable characters cough, cough, cough), pitting her against the like of Mario, Pac-Man, Cloud, and Donkey Kong, and along with her “Amiibo” figurines, she has now reached a cult like status and Nintendo recently just announced a Bayonetta 3 is in the works! A far cry from the time when she was almost buried six feet under!


See my preview here.  Whatever I said about the kit still rings true. Namely, due to the old age of the mold, NONE of the pieces fitted correctly and painting will test you to your limit! Other than that, it was actually kind of easy.


No instructions are given but yeah, if you mix this up….Then go get a brain surgeon. As I’ve said in the preview, I already superglued the guns together, the rest are the figures themselves and this was a PITA! Also, due to the painting required, I left off the hair cape and two long red hair bands off until later. Same with Bayo-bae-bae’s thumbs as they need to hold the guns first.

The first step is to resolve the massive gap between the right and left main body halves. To do this, I borrowed SWMBO’s hair drier and heated up the worst of the worst offenders along the gap seam and then when correctly heated up (don’t melt it now!), used a clamp to force them together. Even then, a gap still appeared, this was especially bad along the rear, right where her right butt cheek met the connecting right hair thong. I had to stretch some sprues and then fill the gap before completely zapping it with my red spot putty glazing with two passes.

This in fact, go throughout the kit! Every major connection area, the arms, arms to elbow joint, the neck joint, all require major fillings with stretched sprue and then red spot putty glazing. The worst however, again, is the left to right major body joint. The right breast is split in half due to the joint involved and the right half is shrunk at least half an inch shorter than the left half! This cause no small amount of headache! I first had to use stretched sprue to fill the step, then applied liberal amount of squadron white putty followed by the spot putty glazing again. Luckily, due to the fact both breasts have two “hair covers” that would cover them, you can’t really tell the major brouhaha here. It is at this point that also created two nipples out of the said red spot putty glazing since, although the hair covers do a good job covering the offending particles, they are not THAT complete though.

The rest are just as much of a PITA as the body. The frontal hair covering that contains my waifu’s glasses broke twice trying to clean it up…Grrrr….The arms and elbow insertion point just does not fit…It was either the location plugs are too big or the slots too small….I found myself sanding most of the plugs off and then using 5 minute epoxy glue to cement them in. Same with the neck area and it broke off too when I accidently dropped it to the floor….After all the major body pieces are assembled, time to hit the paint shop. All of this took me two weeks to bring it up to speed!


The first thing is to decide what to paint with. The major colors are black for the hair. Since all umbran witches such as Bayonetta uses their hair as their…ummm……outfits (again, don’t ask), anything that look like clothes are also black. This means that her “thong bikini” will also be black, along with the stripes that run along the side of her legs

The shoes and her gloves, practically the only two pieces of real clothing on bae-bae (yeah, come to think of it, Bayonetta literally runs around in her birthday suit. The only covering is her hair!) are what look like leather for her heels ( “you know what I need? Some heels without guns!”), with semi-translucent grey coverings. Her gloves are what look like leather for the bottom part and white for the top. The two hair bands are red and some details are in gold. The hardest to find paints are for the four guns “Scarborough Fair”. They are a purplish color but none in my local hobby shop matched the color. I had to scour Amazon for it before I finally located Testor’s “Scarlet Kandy Purple” that’s a close match. It took a while just to scour the necessary paint for my waifu because I also secured several skin tone shades for what is about to come.

Painting started with spray the main body with a coat of Testor’s Skin-tone, base. After two coats for best coverage, this was allowed to fully dry for 24 hours before Testor’s skin tone, warm was applied by using the “dry brush” technique all over the more pertinent parts of waifu’s body to highlight areas such as the breasts, the buttocks, the groin area and the legs. After that was dry, I washed, lightly, the whole entire body with a black wash to tone down the “connection points” between the light and “warm” areas or else the edges will be too sharp. Then went over the body again with “sunkiss peach”…This along with “caramel” are bought at Wal-Mart and they fit perfectly at bringing the skin tone together naturally. Next, the face.

They always say that figure’s face, especially female faces can be a bisnatchy and a half plus a PITA too! And they are right! The big problems are the eyes….They are covered by the thrice damned glasses that blocked Bayo’s eyes and make them look weird no matter how hard I tried. The problem probably it broke twice during the clean up session. I did the face the same as the body. With skin tone, warm to dry brush as highlight and then a wash followed by sunkiss peach and caramel. The eyes are white eyeballs followed with blue iris…And getting the iris right was hell in itself cause again, they are blocked behind the eyeglasses. The face was complete with her black mole ala Cindy Crawford and lush red lips.

Next come all the hair…Again, remember whatever clothes she has on sans the gloves and heels are also her hair. I bought a bottle of Testor acrylic Gloss Black just for this. Due to the fact her skin was sprayed on, I chose to hand brush it…Yeah, I did THAT! The two stripes down each legs was especially painful but I got through it. I had to be especially careful down her….trenches between the legs as her “other” cheeks are pinching the bikini area…..Almost thought of breaking out the tape here. Same with the neck and her hair that’s on the top of her head. The head hair was a little tough as it is interwoven with her gold chain and hair band. I had to carefully pick the chain out in gold and the band in red. The black was also used to color her breast cover pieces. After dry, these were dry fitted then superglued on in the respective places….Wink wink….After that was done, I used Testor’s Flat Black for the heels and the lower part of her gloves with what look like three belts on each. These are hand painted on and leaves a leathery sheen after done. I had to be careful with the heels as the straps gave me fits since part of it has the two leg hair stripes running down it but got through. Next, I bought a bottle of Testor’s “Gunship Grey” acrylics and thinned it with water and wet brushed it to the part of her foot that showed skin through. It took two passes before I was happy.

After allowing all this to dry, I then taped off the lower part of her gloves and bought a bottle of Testor’s “Gloss White” acrylics and sprayed off her upper gloves. I needed three pass before coverage was enough not to let other colors through. Next was another important piece of accessory, her “umbran watch”. This watch, located at the center of bae-bae Bayo’s chest keeps the magic that makes all witches immortal. I used gloss black for the edge, gold details with a silver center and pink highlights. After drying, it was glued to the center of her rather busty chest.

Now the final pieces, her guns. Each of the Scarborough Fair was sprayed with Scalrett Kandy Purple. I breathed a sigh of relief that the color was almost a perfect match. The hard parts are all the gold details. There are the name of the guns itself on each gun, stripes, the pendants etcs. I had to carefully pick out each of the details. Then each of the jewels in the gun itself. Each is of a different color. It took a bit to get it all done. Finally, I was able to put the guns in their places. Just be note you can’t “mix and match” guns. In fact, if you put the wrong guns in the wrong place, the guns in the hand especially, the finger will not go through the trigger guards so I had to dry fit to get the correct placement. Once that is done, I cemented the thumbs into the slots. Figure done…Almost that is.


Since there are no decals, I decided to begin the construction of a display stand, especially Bayo can’t stand otherwise. First, I went to Lowe’s and bought a pine board and saw it into lengths of 8 inches long each. Next, I drilled a hole in each bottom of the foot, directly up towards the ankles so I can insert a thin brass rod through. Then marking off the spots, I drilled the holes in the board and inserted the rods into their place, cut off the excess and superglued the feet into place. This way, my bae-bae can finally stand. No, not over yet.

The final two pieces are the hair cape and the two red ribbons. The hair cape I assembled together and then sprayed gloss black with tire black highlights. I added a bit grey at the bottom to make it lighter isince in summoning mode, her hair disappear into the air in order to pull out her pet demon Gomorrah. After that is dry, I test fitted out on top of her beehive hair. It took quite a bit of work to get it stick in there since the cape is heavy and the single slot is pretty measly. To help with strength and prevent the cape from dropping out due to its own weight, I used 5-minute epoxy to strengthen the bond. I then also dry brush highlighted the golden chain molded on here.

Next, I painted the two ribbons with Testor’s red in the small bottle. Then wet brush it with black to highlight the umbran writings and script on there. These I then cut the bottom to shape and superglued them in place. Finally, DONE!


AHHH!!! Finally, my waifu is on the shelf! And ahh doesn’t she look pretty among all the jet fighters, tanks and other stuff! It took quite a bit to get her to this point simply because of the molding and all the detailed paintings required but in the end, it’s a fun ride so much so that I’ve ordered another female resin figure but you might not see “Layla” cause well, if you think my bae-bae waifu Bayonetta is not NSFW…Then “Layla” will give you the MEANING of NSFW!!!! But I bought her anyways cause, how does that Clapton song go? “Layla, you got me on my knees Layla…Begging you darling please LAYLA….Darling won’t you ease my worried…..MIND!” Ok, I’ll show myself out of the building now!

NOTE: Terminologies

Bayo: Short for Bayonetta, my bae-bae Waifu

Bae-Bae: Japanese bastardization of the English word “Baby”, as in my sweet honey bae-bae.

Waifu: Japanese bastardization of the English word “Wife”, as in, she’s so hot, she’s sooooo “Waifu” material!..........Like a certain angel hunting, angel killing, demon summoning hell spawn witch……..

Have to add Bayonetta is voiced by the very talented Helena Taylor and played with absolute aplomb! Ahh, that famous internet meme, “If you want to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum!”……

Donald Zhou

15 October 2018


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