Trumpeter/Master Tools Display Boxes

KIT #: 09847/09808
PRICE: $30-35.00
REVIEWER: Chris Mikesh
NOTES: 2 Different boxes previewed

Display boxes are an item you purchase for that really cool model you want to keep dust off of. But what looks like will be the perfect box to display your treasure, it becomes a sad disappointment because when you close the box and break off the nose probe or an antenna. Over the years there have been many brands – some good, some lacking quality. But, as we know, if it fits in a closed box, it will be many years before you have to take out your model to dust it again.

3-Level Display Case” #09847. The first box I want to show you is very innovative. This box looks and sounds like an ideal box to save shelf space by going vertical. It is described as 4.7”wide X 14.2” high.

Pros – It has a very tight seal. Being vertical, it will continue to show off your models cleanly with a black background. Very clear plastic. The see-through shelves make it easy to display on the top shelf. Stackable. Packaged very well. Adjustable shelf height. Horizontally, it will be great for a train, car, or diorama. Although smaller on the shelf footprint, it is also smaller than you think when displaying 1/72 models.

Cons- Smaller than expected. The box is a trapezoid shape – which limits the wing span at the front. Some planes will fit with the nose to the back. It will not fit an F-86, A-4, FW-190, Bf-109 (pictured on box??) or most WWII Fighters. Requires a screw driver (small) to attach the shelves. It could use extra shelves inside the display box for more models. The box really needs to be bigger because most 1/72 and some 1/144 scale planes have too great of a wing span.

However, it is ideal for most 1/72 WWI planes and many 1/144 fighters and bombers with a short wing span like a B-25, B-26, Stuka, JU-88 and many fighters.

12.5" x 10.875 " x 5.375" w/ Black Base #09808

The next box is considerably bigger and will fit on a larger shelf easily. This is actually a rectangular display box with a good footprint.

Pros: It is stackable with an easy open/close top. The base is textured and lends itself to painting or dioramas. No bubbles on my examples. Easily fits larger 1/72 fighters like an F-102, F-14, DO.17, and a Lightening. 1/48 aircraft like a Wildcat, Corsair, P-51, and Mig-15/17, and F-86s fit nicely. The clear top is a snug fit, but not that snug that you will need a crow bar to pry it open.

Cons: Right in the middle of the top is a huge injector pit. You can’t miss it. The bottom is not clear (not made with that option) so it may not display well on the top shelf.


All these display boxes are versatile, and I recommend them. They add a little bit of class to your displays and give the viewer more of a framework to view your model/dioramas. Trumpeter also offers a large variety of other display boxes depending on your need – mostly for cars, trucks, trains and armor.

If the cat decides to explore your shelf, it is less likely that your model will be damaged. If the cat knocks it off the shelf, then most of the parts will be in the display box. (Strangle the cat and dump the model in the trash with the cat, then start over.) (Your editor would never suggest getting rid of a cat or dog just because it knocked over and destroyed a model. Models can be replaced.)

Chris Mikesh

May 2023

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