Hobby Boss 1/72 MiG-15bis

KIT #: 80263
PRICE: $8.00
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Spiros Pendedekas
NOTES: Easy Assembly kit


The MiG-15 was one of the first successful jet fighters to incorporate swept wings, in order to achieve high transonic speeds. A sound design, it outclassed straight-winged jet day fighters in aerial combat during the Korean War. It was further refined into the more capable MiG-17. With more than 13,000 manufactured, it is among the most produced jet aircraft, still (as of 2023) remaining in limited service with the Korean People's Army Air Force as an advanced trainer.

This is the single seat version of the 1/72 Hobby Boss Mig-15, first appearing in 2009, one year after the company’s dual seater MiG-15 UTI (previewed by our Editor here) and regularly reboxed ever since (also by the Czech Kitbazar company).

The specific kit is the 2020 rebox, bought in 2023 from an Athens Hobby shop at what seems a bargain price. Looking totally identical with the original 2009 edition, it comes in a high quality side opening box (a top opening would be preferable), featuring an attractive box art of a completed model. The box sides contain a few detail pics of a completed model and a short history of the type, whereas the instructions are printed on the rear side of the box.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with 51 light gray styrene parts. The fuselage halves and the main wing are provided separately, a small sprue holds the cockpit tub, the instrument panel and the nose guns, whereas a larger sprue holds everything else. Packaging is absolutely superb, with each sprue individually bagged and sensitive areas protected by foam inserts. Molding is crisp with no flash and panel lines are nicely recessed.

The fuselage is split vertically, with the fin nicely molded on the top half and the main wing is cleverly molded as one piece. Cockpit, though quite generic in nature, features adequate detail, the only thing really missing being a decal to be affixed onto the flat instrument panel. Landing gear is very well done, with the bays featuring good depth and looking nicely busy, as do the door innards. The distinctive nose is also well done, the air brakes are separate and feature some internal detail. The exhaust nozzle lacks depth, something not uncommon for the scale. Two types of wing tanks are included, “normal” and “slipper”, with the former usually worn in service.

Clear parts are well molded, with the one piece relatively thick canopy promising to effectively “filter” the cockpit’s generic looks. Instructions are printed on the box backside, containing a sprues map, with the construction itself spread in two main steps, each including a sufficient number of simple sub steps, all concise and clear, with some color callouts given.

Two well known schemes are provided, for #384 VVS bird, stationed in China during June 1951 and for #4115 PLAAF bird, featuring a red tail. Colors are only given in Gunze/Mr. Color codes (would be nice to als have them also in generic naming). Decals are well printed and expected to work well.

Instructions want you to first assemble the cockpit, mount the nose on the cockpit tub and trap the subassembly, together with the main wing and the exhaust, between the fuselage halves. Landing gear is next assembled and attached, followed by the wing tanks (where you will have to choose the type), the airbrakes, the nose ring, the guns and the canopy, ending a definitely uncomplicated build. Since the model is a good candidate for tail sitting, make sure you will trap some weight in the front, before closing the fuselage.


This is yet another fine Hobby Boss “Easy Assembly” kit: general shapes of parts look correct, molding is crisp, panel lines are finely recessed, detail is at most areas very good and clear parts are nice as are the decals. Instructions are clear and the build itself looks easy.

In fact, what you get for the price is really outstanding, since the kit, apart from the flat instrument panel (something not that difficult to deal with) and the somewhat generic cockpit, is not really out of place when judged with modern standards, standing as a simpler yet acceptable, cheap alternative.

Buy and build in confidence.

Happy Modeling!

Spiros Pendedekas

June 2023

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