Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt

KIT #: 08077 (St 27)
PRICE: $65.00
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: John Summerford
NOTES: 2007 base boxing


The P-47 was culmination of a series of fighters developed for USAAC from the mid-1930s through World War Two. Seversky Aircraft Corporation developed the P-35 which is noted as the first all-metal, retractable landing gear, enclosed cockpit fighter in the US Army Air Corps. That designed followed up by the P-37 featuring a turbocharged engine. After a corporate re-organization and name change to Republic Aviation, The P-47 design used experience gained with turbocharging and the new P&W R-2800 engine. This gave the plane excellent high-altitude performance.

Francis Gabresky was the highest scoring pilot in Europe with 26 planes shot down, all while flying the P-47. Ironically, the greatest success of the P-47 was as a low-level bomber and strafer. The rugged airframe and air-cooled engine allowed badly shot-up planes to fly the pilots home. The 9th Air Force wanted as many of the planes as they could get.


Sprues are sealed in two bags. One bag holds mostly the main frame parts and the second bag holds the detail parts. A third bag has the clear parts and is inside the first bag. Total parts count is 172. The kit does not have any photo-etch parts. Options include a pilot figure, two different types of drop-tank, Hamilton Standard or Curtiss electric prop, (I identified each one by the logo decal called for.) open or closed canopy, open or closed turbo vents, flaps up or down, and open or closed cowl flaps that have plastic in the gaps. Mold seams are minimal and flash is not present. Detail is petite and panel lines are recessed.

The decal sheet is huge at 7 ½ inches by 15 ¾ inches. It has cockpit details and markings that include D-Day stripes. One can model Gabresky’s plane illustrated on the lid, or Major Glenn Eagleston.

A brief history in English and Japanese plus a parts map can be found on the first page of the 12-page instructions. Assembly is completed in 16 steps. Paint call-outs are for Humbrol colors and some also include FS codes.


Another winner from Hasegawa, so there shouldn’t be any surprises during construction. Even for this scale, there are plenty of after market parts and decals available to customize the build if one wishes.

John Summerford

September 2020

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