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Richard Ellis




This is Hasegawa's third release release in there 1/48 Hurricane series, the first being the II C and the second the II D. As an avid fan of BoB aircraft the Mk I came as a pleasant surprise. Much has been published on the kit here in Modeling Madness and other places so I'll not give a complete review but relate some highlights. 


The fit was excellent with the exception of the trailing edge of the wing sub-assembly where it joined the rear fuselage. I had
a large gap to fill. And as this fell in the fabric covered area recovering the detail was tedious. The gap had to be filled using plasticard and putty. Other than that area the rest of the kit went together well with a minimum of filling and sanding. The kit flaps were removed and the Kendall set used, as were the elevators with the Aries resin. The cockpit is stock with the exception of generic PE Sutton harness. A light wash and chalk was applied to interior for that lived in look. 


The aircraft was then painted with Modelmaster enamels, using low tack surgical tape for masking. It was then given 2 coats of future in preparation for decaling. The decals used were the kit decals almost exclusively. Only the SL's pennant and W/T markings were from Aeromaster. The kit one's appeared a bit "fuzzy". 

The scheme represents S/L Worall's aircraft OC No 32 Squadron Aug 1940 Biggin Hill. I've always liked 32 squadron's markings with their 40" codes. After decaling I used thinned Flouquil Scale black on the bottom for the heavy oil leaking and streaking using the place and drag method. Burnt Umber was used for petrol stains at the fuel fill areas, and darkened Dark
Earth for the radiator staining and exhaust. When that was completed it was oversprayed with Aeromaster clear flat with a few drops of dark gull grey to give it that "used" appearance. I find this also tones down the decal colors as so as not to look too new. 

After all that had dried I used pastels to give it a bit more wear but not to much as these aircraft were replaced quite quickly, and it was the CO's a/c after all. I then cut the kit canopy, used the forward windscreen and Squadron's vac canopy for the sliding section. It was then finished off with True Details wheel set. It's not a world beater, but it was fun to build, and that after all is what the hobby is all about.

Richard Ellis

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