Did you Know?

---According to the CDC, STDs in the US have increased significantly in 2018 due to a reduction in funding for title X which provides funding for health services to low income people.

---Recently, 20 new moons were discovered orbiting Saturn, moving this planet into first place regarding the most moons.

---There are over 17,000 'farms' in Korea where dogs are raised for meat.

---Worldwide, August 2019 was the second warmest August on record.

--- The full moon we had on last Friday the 13th will not recur on Friday the 13th until August 2049.

---It takes from 24 to 72 hours for a meal to completely pass through your system.

---Out of total book sales, e-books make up about 20%.

---According to Forbes, the average income of book authors who are not self published is about $15-20,000 a year.

--- You are more likely to have difficulty sleeping after smoking or drinking alcohol than caffeine.

---Worldwide, July 2019 was the hottest July on record since records started being kept in 1880.

---This last Wednesday (24 July), a meteor that was approximately 125 meters across passed as close as 73,000 Km from the earth. Its small size and speed were such that it wasn't detected until a few days before its passing. Had it struck the surface, it would have been enough to wipe out a large metropolitan area.

---This year, the Mississippi River at St. Louis was above flood stage for 127 consecutive days, eclipsing the 104 day record set in the Great Flood of '93.

---Worldwide, June 2019 was the hottest June on record since records started being kept in 1880.

---In 1942/43 over half of the USAAF's aircraft inventory was trainers.

---British K class submarines were powered by oil-fired steam engines, complete with funnels.

---Tariffs are paid for by the recipient country, not the one who sends the good. So US tariffs on Chinese goods are paid for by American consumers, not by China.

---Gerrymandering, the policy of redrawing a state's voting districts to give unfair advantage to one political party over another, was started in 1812 by Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry. His final map had one area that looked like a salamander; hence the term gerrymander.

---The Chinese military is controlled by the communist party and not by the Chinese government.

---According to Forbes, approximately 52% of fast food workers are on some sort of public assistance.

---The surrender of Robert E Lee at Appomattox on 12 May 1965, was only the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, which was under Lee's command. However, it was a signal of things to come and the capture of Jefferson Davis on 26 May of that year pretty well ended it all. As a footnote, the Confederate raider CSS Shenandoah did not surrender until 6 November and then it was to the British. That could arguably be considered the end of the war.  

---FS 595 paints are allowed a +/- 10% variation in color. Keep that in mind when talking to the color police.

---When an Iowa class battleship fired a full broadside, the ship did not move sideways more than a mm or two.

---Alan Freed is considered to be the father of rock and roll.

---More P&W R-1830 engines were built than any other aero engine before or since.

---The first successful rock and roll band is Bill Haley and His Comets. They were formed as Bill Haley and the Saddlemen in 1949, but changed their name to The Comets in the fall of 1952 after they began recording rock and roll for Essex Records.

---In August 2016, a dog was elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, for its third term in a row

---In the US, if you find a bald eagle feather on the ground, you need a permit to pick it up.

---There's a town called "Big Ugly" in West Virginia

---7% of the US population claims it never bathes.

---In the US, medical errors are the sixth leading cause of death.

---Baby eels are called elvers.   

---New York City has more homeless people than any other US city at over 78,000 as of 2018 according to Forbes. LA is second with about 50,000.

---“When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant.” Thomas Jefferson

---Since 2012, with every passing day, Jimmy Carter has been retired from office longer than any other president.

---If Danish parents don't choose one of the 7000 government-approved names for their bundle of joy, they're required to get church approval.

---China and Japan are the two largest holders of US debt and together equal about 10% ($2.2 trillion) of that debt.

---Before the production of the Model T, nearly 20% of the cars on the American road were electric.

---Researchers have determined that there are five fundamental differences between people who are smart/intelligent and those who are stupid.

1. Stupid people blame others for their own mistakes 

2. Stupid people always have to be right 

3. Stupid people react to conflicts with anger and aggression 

4. Stupid people ignore the needs and feelings of other people 

5. Stupid people think they are better than everyone else 

---If you think about it, a model kit is out of production before it even reaches the dealer's shelves. What we really mean by oop is 'no longer being produced'.

---The wealthiest man in American history was John D. Rockefeller, who at one time, controlled up to 91% of the nation's oil.

---An autopsy study finds that ninety-nine percent of ailing NFL player brains show hallmarks of neurodegenerative disease. Read the link for more information.  

---During WWII there were only three US battleship to battleship encounters and one involved a French ship.

---More pirate facts; walking the plank is completely fabricated by novel writers.

---There is only one known case of a pirate actually burying his treasure and that is William Kidd.

---While one may fuss over definitions, basically, no truly democratic nation has ever attacked or been attacked by another democratic nation.