ModelFest 2024 show report

Richard Dowhower

I attended the 2024 ModelFest held in Ventura, Ca. on Sunday, February 25, 2024. As always the weather was beautiful, clear and just a bit of a small chill. The event was at the Ventura fairgrounds by the beach. The organizers were great, friendly and very helpful. Many modelers of all ages were in attendance. I think the highlight of the show was the swap meet, many vendors and a good variety of models priced to sell. This covered half of the available space.

Models of all types were entered, the largest being the autos. There were some spectacular displays with mini screens behind the cars showing the many individual details.

There were many types of Armor, ships, and aircraft on the display tables. Many of these models were of very high caliper, from some the of the latest Army equipment to very well painted and detailed aircraft. There were a couple of ships with interior lighting.

Fantasy type models made a good appearance as well. Again the painting and detail work was exceptional.

Judging moved very quickly. Each group of judges were assigned to finish, presentation, type, etc. Couple of issues - in some cases if there were not enough models in a particular class (1-3), then some classes were combined. Generally this was not a problem, however in the armored closed top category, there were several 1/72 models competing with 1/35 models. Because of the size difference, these should have been judged separately. Scales were only assigned to aircraft. Also I wish there was more available seating. The show started at 8:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm

Overall it was great show and one I will surely attend next year.