The Tankwork Shop 1/35 Jeep Snow Plow
KIT #: TWS 0065
PRICE: $11.50  MSRP
REVIEWER: Ryan Koschatzky
NOTES: Resin

This is a nine piece resin set with a small instruction sheet. I found a small pin hole on the blade and a little extra flash on the top of the pulley otherwise all parts have no issues and molded very nicely. The only additions needed is some fine wire that would attach to the rear of the blade, over the pulley, through the grill and to the firewall. A small handle needs to made by the modeler. This is to be attached between the glove box and grab handle according to the instruction sheet. I could not find a picture on the web or Jeep at War book of this setup. I did find a snow plow that the book mentions as a local modification. So it is reasonable to me to think this set up was also the same.

Add the resin tires with snow chains also from The Tankwork Shop for an interesting winter diorama.


Concord Armour at War 7058 - The US Army Jeep at War by Steven Zaloga (pg 19)  

Ryan Koschatzky

February 2010

Review set courtesy of me and my wallet from Great Models.

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