Tom's Modelworks 1/32 WWI Interior








John Tooley


Etched metal

There’s really no history for this kit. I have the 1/32 kit, but, it is the same thing in 1/72 ; 1/48 ; and 1/28 scales.  It is basically an update/ detail kit for German WWI aircraft interior. It is actually a fairly accurate brass PE  kit. It comes with the  obligatory seat, and lap/shoulder belts. After that, it just goes  NUTSO! It gives you  3 different kinds of propeller bosses for the end of the prop. There are the round and square foot/hand holds . It might be noted for those of you not familiar with the “Great War”, that the aircraft were manhandled into position sometimes, and the “handholds” were on the outside rear fuselage to accommodate this.

  The interior components are varied, due to the different aircraft manufacturers at the time. There is a basic German (looks like a Fokker to me) throttle linkage and quadrant, that is really immaculate. I know it’s flat but a couple of  HEAVY coats of paint on the hand grip portions, will dress it up immensely. A seat frame, and compass round out the basic accoutrements.

    The rest of the kit is broken down into  specifics. In other words there are Foot pedals/ rudder bars for  Pfalz, Fokker, and Albatross. The  hand grips are also broken down into specific manufacturers as these were different. Something I didn’t know until I got this kit and started researching it, is the triggers are also different shaped by manufacturer, and are so included!

      I can’t say enough about these gems! I’ve only recently discovered them, even though they’ve been out there for a long time, because FSM never TOLD US about them. They make a WWI cockpit complete! Even down to the correct manufacturer of  the control column.

   Recommendations? I’d say just about anywhere you’d want to super detail a WWI kit.

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