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John Tooley


Various scales

 Tom’s 1/32 German gun detailing kit. Well what can I say. This kit comes in several scales.  1/72 ; 1/48; 1/32; and 1/28. It is basically the same German WWI detailing kit (read REPLACEMENT) in all the above mentioned scales. It is actually a mini-kit in and of itself! It has all the detail you could hope for in any scale! And if you can SEE some of this stuff in 1/72; “You’re a better man than I am ‘Gunga Dihn’.”

 The kit comes with (depending on scale) ; 2 Parabellums, and 2 Spandaus. There are more options on the site than you’d imagine. The Parabellums come in 2 different versions. The first has a riflestock grip, and the second has a pistol grip? Either way, they definitely build better than I describe. JW

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