Eduard 1/72 Hunter Mk 6


SS 230 colored zoom set


3.70 GBP


Victor Scheuerman


Etched Brass for Revell kit


Perhaps ‘unbelievable’ would be the word to describe this set. Not only is most of it in full colour, the side consoles are already layered. In lieu of an acetate card with the instrument details printed on, these are supplied as coloured etch parts and look stunning. This small fret offers; nine-part instrument panel, both side consoles, side wall framing, rudder pedals, framing for the canopy and 18 parts for the kit ejection seat.

 A trial fit showed a console fitted perfectly after removing the excellent raised kit detail; and there’s the rub…

 Revell Germany’s Hunter is a stunning kit that really does not require this upgrade, though it will be gilding the lily. I often wonder at times why some photo-etch firms concentrate on the newest offering when there are several older kits that could actually use these enhancements. Airwaves (Hannants) are the only firm that still produces sets for the older kits that I am aware of. Though again, since Eduard seems to be laughing all the way to the bank, perhaps best indicates why I should stick to building…    

Victor Scheuerman

May 2007

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