SceneArama Desert Oasis Diorama Kit
KIT #: SP4112
PRICE: $18.99 from various places
REVIEWER: Mark Hiott

When I decided to try my first figure, another first came up... doing a base. I have never really added a base to any of my other builds and wasn't sure just what to do. I came across this kit while wondering around the local Hobby Lobby. It looked like it had possibilities and was less then $20. So... what the heck.

The diorama set is made by Woodland Scenics and is part of their SceneArama line and there are several different sets available; water, mountains, desert and a basic roadway. They are geared toward kids and school projects. Even though they are basic, everything you need is included.

Since my dragon had a rock base, I bought the Desert Oasis kit. It comes with a basic sheet of ground work (which is really just sandpaper), packets of gravel, grass, yellow flowers, wild grass and a piece of foliage fiber to make bushes and such. It also included some rather dubious palm trees. Also in the box are mixing cups, stir sticks. a brush and the glue required. Detailed instructions not only tell you what to do, it includes pictures to show you.

If you have ever wanted to try a diorama, or even a simple base, but were not sure how, I suggest you pick up one of these kits. The variety of different sets means they can be used for almost any setting. They include everything you need and will not break your wallet. I think even seasoned builders will find these useful.

 Mark Hiott

December 2012

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