RSM 1/144 Space Shuttle main engines

KIT #:
PRICE: $10.00
NOTES: For the Airfix kit

I don't know a lot about real space modeling but I do know this. Regardless of which kit you use to build a shuttle in 1/144, you quite simply must replace the engine bells with this great resin kit from Real Space Models.
How do I know this, when I know so little else? Because it seems to be one the few things everyone agrees on in every single thread I ever read on discussion forums about 1/144 space shuttles. 
Personally, I went for the Airfix kit (previewed right here on MM ), which sounds like it is generally the best overall model if you're only going to buy one. 
Anyway, the resin kit that Real Space Models manufactures replaces the ill-shapen and poorly detailed main engine bells (bell, that's a hint, shuttle kit manufacturers - bell, not cone) of the original kit. It also gives you the two smaller rocket nozzles that go either side of the trio of main ones.
It's nicely, crisply moulded, and very thin, so much so that it's almost translucent. Mine has some "flash" here and there which should be easy to tidy up and one of the small pipes seems to be broken though I can't say for sure if it was like that when it arrived several years ago.
I bought mine direct from RSM ( and had good, friendly and prompt service from proprietor Glenn Johnson.
This thing is a steal at ten bucks. Thoroughly recommended.

Richard F

May 2015

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