Zoukei-Mura  1/32 J7W1 Shinden Extra Parts


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Jean Paul Poisseroux


Etched Metal, resin , cast metal


Zoukei-Mura  propose to the modellers who bought their excellent 1/32 J7W1 Shinden , see review  http://modelingmadness.com/reviews/axis/previews/1.htm  numerous  excellent quality aftermarket sets to turn the model in a museum masterpiece.

Here are the sets available at this date. To see images of these items, please visit http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/index.html#conceptnote and scroll down.

 1/32 SWS01-M03 AMMUNITION BOXES at  14 $ USD

The J7W1 " Shinden " being a tricycle aircraft, ballasting the nose is requested to avoid having the front wheel up. Thus, ZOUKEI-MURA realized cleverly weight by replacing the plastic ammunitions boxes by white metal parts. Then here are 8 heavy elements (59grs in total) that are supplied in this reference. It is very useful if we want to leave the armament panel opened. Recommended

 1/32 SWS01-M01 JET ENGINE at 27 $ USD

This reference brings us a reactor, NE-20, developed by Naval Air Technical Arsenal, Kugisho. This last one had been built to equip the KIKKA. No doubt that he would have been able to be adapted to Shinden, and ZOUKEI-MURA thus proposes an alternative for its propeller aircraft. It is a project which was not realized, but the conversion is very attractive. We find six parts in well molded resin to replace the radial piston engine by this reactor inspired by the jumo 003. It will give another look to the so amazing aircraft, undoubtedly!

 1/32 SWS01-M02 ARMEMENT PANEL at  10 $ USD

The model makers who want to represent the aircraft during its first flight will have to block the openings holes for the canon on the cowl. For that purpose, ZOUKEI-MURA proposes a resin replacement part, clean and well molded. It is a gain of time for modeling.

1/32 SWS01-M04 METAL GEARS at  10 $ USD

This very useful reference will allow us to replace the plastic gear legs by his counterparts in metal. Considering the weight of the model, this option is not to be neglected. 4 parts well casted are include here.

 1/32 SWS01-M05  FLAT TIRES at   12 $ USD

The basic kit box of the Shinden is supplied with common tires, as in a lot of kits. This reference contains 3 "crushed" tires which feign the weight of the aircraft subtly. Useful.


The basic kit of Shinden is already well detailed but his designer goes farther to sharpness with this first reference intended essentially for the cockpit. We find a new seat with its harness, subdivisions of the floor, the pre-painted dashboard, panels for consoles. For the engine, are supplied the ignition cables as well as two circular protection items. Recommended.


This second reference is intended for the wing structure and for the landing gear.The outside of the plastic gear doors must be sanded to be able to glue the photoetched parts which will give the thinness to the sheet steel. Other parts are for the internal wing strut to replicate the reinforcements and the riveting. Recommended.

  1/32 SWS01-M08  PHOTOETCHED FLAPS at  20 $ USD

This third reference is intended for flaps and  shutters. It concerns the flaps for landing and shutters on both sides of the engine panel. The photoetched replicate better here the thickness of the sheet steel, and we also find here end ribs (with details) of the flaps, seen when down position. Recommended.

1/32 SWS01-M09  TURNED MATAL CANONS at   20 $ USD

This reference is produced in association with ABER, to replace the plastic basic parts of the kit. The sharpness of the turned metal adds more undeniable bonus in this area, very well seen when the panel is removed. Besides the tubes we find the springs for gas recession of weapons. Recommended.

 1/32 SWS01-F01  PILOT ET GEAR DOORS UP at 20 $ USD

To display the model in flight( not only in my opinion), ZOUKEIMURA proposes a seated pilot who looks towards the back for a possible enemy. To be complete the main gear doors are furnished in one part. Parts are molded well and the pilot has a very convinced attitude. Beautiful initiative!

Each set is well packed in a clear plastic box with instructions (in Japanese) to replace kit parts. Now the choice is yours!


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Jean Paul Poisseroux

November 2010

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