Maestro Models 1/48 Viggen Splinter camo mask

KIT #: MMK4876
PRICE: SwKr 188 (about $23.00)
REVIEWER: Andy Garcia
NOTES: A very helpful product if the Viggen camo challenge is too much

I have accumulated kits of the SAAB Viggen from ESCI and Airfix over many years. Everyone agrees this is one cool aircraft with a unique and complex camouflage in addition to its airframe aerospace accomplishments. The camouflage at first appears random but there is a definite pattern and I was not aware of this until recently. Years ago I thought I could just cut out a series of masking tape masks in a variety of geometric rectangles and go to work on a Viggen with the forest camo. How wrong I was!

There is a precise size and color required to accurately do one of these and that (plus lame inaccurate models in 1/48th scale at the time) kept me from going forward.


 In 2015 we are blessed with models from Tarangus and Special Hobby of the Viggen (same basic plastic in each with Swedish based research). So, the time has come to put one of these on the shelf were it not for the complex camo. Help was found in the form of Maestro Models MMK4876 Viggen Splinter Camo Paint Mask! There are three paint mask sheets similar to Tamiya/Eduard masking tape material contained in this release.


The only source I found was Rebell Hobby AB in Sweden. They provide international mail order. They have a website and take PayPal in addition to other forms of payment. Postage can look expensive but I found by purchasing a few items the per unit cost goes down and if you buy something like the Tarangus kit its price is less than most (or all?) U.S. suppliers that I would normally use. I calculated the difference and found by purchasing the kit and an incredible all-color book on the Viggen called “Saab 37 Viggen – The ultimate portfolio Nordic Air Power #5” , which is written in English,  the masks were more reasonable. Postage for all three was about USD $25.00 which would normally preclude a buy for me but I could not find another supplier and really wanted the book too. I tried to buy the book a year ago from another source I Sweden but found the postage from Sweden would be almost the cost of the book (the book cost about $55.00) and passed on it then. Now, with this package buy, I have all the parts – a Tarangus kit, the Camo mask and an excellent photo reference book at a decent price. It took about two weeks to receive my order and it was well packaged.


While I have yet to apply the camo mask it so impressed me I wanted to get out this information to other fans of Modeling Madness who are also interested in the Saab Viggen in green forest splinter camo.

Andy Garcia

August 2015

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