Verlinden 1/72 F-111D/F update set




Around $16.00




Gerd Kuijpers


Resin, wire and etched brass


Have you got a Hasegawa F-111F/D and you want to open the cockpit? This is your answer. In the little camouflaged box are five pieces of resin. A complete cockpit! The switches on the instrument panels are a little bit oversized and the belts on both seats are moulded the same way but it will do the job. More of a problem is splitting Hasegawa's one piece canopy and attaching the etched framing. Also on the etched brass is a boarding ladder.

I seriously doubt the fact that this set can only be used on the F and D models. All the F-111 cockpits look quite similar to me? And if I am wrong, there is no way that I will ever find a F/D on the market nowadays.

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