Airwaves 1/72 P-39 Wheels

KIT: Airwaves 1/72 P-39 Wheels
KIT #: SC 7275
PRICE: $3.25 at Roll Models
REVIEWER: Scott Jamieson
NOTES: Resin for the Heller and Academy kit

 The wheels that come in the currently available 1/72 P-39 kits from Heller and Academy leave a lot to be desired as far as accuracy is concerned. Thanks to Airwaves,that is no longer an issue! I am not sure if these are "new", but while on the internet looking for detail items for my current P-39 project, I came across a listing for these at Hannant's website.

Fortunately, Roll Models also list them, so I sent away for two pairs. The casting on these is excellent! They even have the GOODYEAR script on the sides of the tires! Both sides are detailed and when compared to the original kit wheels, they are a VAST improvement! The separate nose wheel is nice, but some may opt to use the kits molded on nose wheel, since it will take some careful cutting and filing to make it fit.

I highly recommend these to anyone building a 1/72 P-39.

Scott Jamieson

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.



 My overall conclusion is that this is a nice set and a must for all Phreaks out there. I will have to start with the RF-4 as soon as I can.

June 2005

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