BMK 1/350 "SMS Konig Class" Brass Barrels


KM305, KM15045, KM8845


20.92 EUR total


ICM or Aoshima kits


Mark Hiott

 BMK is a German company dealing in ship modeling accessories. BMK carries a wide variety of brass sets in various scales, as well as models and tools needed by ship builders. The owner, Burkhardt Masch, sells his products through his website Modellmarine. He accepts PayPal for those that use it.

I bought these on the recommendation of a friend, as I had not used BMK barrels in the past. I picked up the 10x30.5cm main barrels, the 14x15cm and 6x8.8cm secondary barrels. Total cost for the 3 packs was quite reasonable and they came in a padded envelope and arrived from Germany in 11 days.

The barrels were packaged in 3 small ziplock bags and look absolutely stunning! The casting is first rate and the tiny 8.8 barrels have the look of hypo needles. All the barrels will require removal of the kits barrels, but I don't expect that to be a problem. Although with the smaller barrels, I would probably just make new mounts.

The 8.8cm barrels appear a bit smaller then the kit barrels, but without knowing the length of the real thing, I can't be sure which is correct.

I can't wait to use these! (in fact, I already have started) They capture the look of the real thing and, for the price, can be beat.

Kit courtesy of my wallet

You can get these at:

Mark Hiott

February 2011

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