Zacto Models 1/32 F-100 Intake Correction




$8.00 MSRP


Trumpeter kit


Ben Brown

One of the most obvious shape issues  with the Trumpeter F-100D kit is the shape of the intake lip, which is too flat on the bottom. Zacto Models has just released a flawlessly cast intake part that is a quick and easy solution.  Just follow the simple instructions and remove the kit intake lip and forward part of the intake duct.  The new part just plugs right in.  Zacto has also reshaped the inside of the duct, adding the slight bulge at the top that houses the radar ranging antenna that Trumpeter missed. 

 A separate cover is supplied, in case you want donít want to mess with filling the seams inside the duct.  It even has tiny serial numbers cast into it!  The new nose part has rivets and panel lines in the same pattern as the real jet (which was actually flush-riveted, but we wonít get into that debate here), but they are toned down compared to what Trumpeterís Mad Riveter has applied to the rest of the kit.  Perhaps Chris could teach a rivet class for Trumpeterís kit designers.

 Highly recommended!

 Thanks to Chris at Zacto Models for the sample.

Ben Brown

June 2008

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