Armory 1/72 A-20 Wheel Set




$6.00 SRP


1/72 A-20/Boston/P-70 kit


Spiros Pendedekas

Armory Model Group is a Ukrainian manufacturer of fine scale modeling products, including, among others, plastic scale models and a great number of accessories (wheel sets, multimedia upgrade, detailing and conversion sets and even figures).

Among their very nice products is this 1/72 resin wheel set, representing the late style wheels worn by the A-20 family, featuring grooved rear tires. They can be used with any 1/72 A-20/Boston/P-70 kit as direct replacements of the kit provided wheels.

The set is supremely cast and very sensibly priced, promising to boost the looks of your next A-20 kit.

Spiros Pendedekas

March 2023

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