Antares 1/72 He-277 conversion set
KIT #: ANT 7209
PRICE: $40.00 plus shipping
REVIEWER: Mark Hiott
NOTES: For Revell He-177A6 kit #04306


 Antares Models is run by Marcelo Russo and is located in Argentina. They offer various "Luft 46" type kits and conversions in both 1/72 and 1/48. I came across this conversion while doing research for another project and had to have it.

Comprised of 33 parts molded in a creme resin and 20 white metal parts, the casting is quite nice. The parts are basically direct replacements for the kit parts, but a bit of modification to the basic airframe will be necessary. The main wings are cast as solid parts and I could find no pin holes or other blemishes on them. The panel lines are a bit light, but nothing a quick swipe with a scriber won't fix. The panel lines on the provided twin tail are nicely done however. Parts are provided to build either the He-277-V2 or the twin-tail He-277-V3.

The white metal parts consist of propeller blades and optional exhaust flame dampers for the night bomber version.

The instructions are 5 8x11 pages, sufficiently illustrated to get assembly done, cover the mods needed to the basic kit and include a 3-view drawing. No decals are included, so those would need to be scrounged from another source.

Marcelo only ships by registered airmail so shipping can be a bit expensive, depending on where you live. Shipping to the US was only $18.63 so my total coats was $58.63... not too bad. Marcelo e-mailed me that shipping would take 12/15 working days and the set was in my PO in 17 days. The kit was packaged in a stout cardboard box, was well secured and arrived intact.

Antares Models kits can be ordered through their website ( and payment can be made through PayPal if desired.

Even though it states that it is for the Revell kit, I compared it to the older Airfix/MPC kit and imagine that it would fit it as well. A very nice conversion set, and well worth the money. The casting is top notch and the price is right. It will take a bit of work to make it all fit together so I can't really recommend this to novice builders, but someone with a bit of experience working with conversions and resin should have no trouble.

I imagine most people will build the twin-tail He-277-V3 and it should make quite an impression on the contest table.

 Mark Hiott

May 2012

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