Eduard 1/32 BAE Lightning F1A/F3 Exterior




$33.00 SRP


1/32 Trumpeter kit


Andrew Abshier

This big set covers external details for the Trumpeter 1/32 scale English Electric Lightning F1A/F3; many of the details if not most would also work fine on Trumpeter's new F2A/F6 kit as well.   

Although labeled as an external detail set, much of the parts on the three frets provided are for the wheel wells, speed brakes, and landing gear doors, which might be considered "interior" details by some.  Semantics aside, there is a lot here, including very fine details to add to both the main gear bays and nose gear bay, landing gear struts, and landing gear doors.  The etching is done in relief and looks very good, especially on the wheel well inserts.  In addition, the set includes new, and much finer-looking, afterburner flame holders and the hexagonal ring that surrounds the afterburner blades--a detail Trumpeter completely missed.   

There's a lot to the set.  Parts numbers go up to 108, but many of those are duplicates, so you end up with nearly as many parts on this detail set as you will from the Trumpeter kit itself!

I've already started working with the set and have found that the instructions are very clear, for the most part.  When things looked confusing, I found the photos of the installed parts provided on Hannant's webpage to be helpful in determining where parts go and what they should look like when folded.  There are some bits to be installed in the main gear bay that will require removal of some relief-molded details in very tight quarters (Eduard parts 90/91 and 33) which I wouldn't attempt, but it looks like all of the other parts will be useful and very helpful to the appearance of the finished model. 

This set is recommended only for experienced etch-benders, due to the preponderance and sheer numbers of parts, but with care and patience, it should really make the Trumpeter Lightning model come alive.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.   

 Andrew Abshier

October 2009

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