Beaver 1/72 D4Y Judy P.E. Set

KIT #: 7017
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Spiros Pendedekas
NOTES: For the AZ Models kit

Here is a very nice PE detailing/updating set by Beaver Corporation. Designed for the AZ D4Y kit series, the set is made by Eduard (meaning it is of excellent quality) and contains many parts that either replace existing kit ones (instrument panel, rudder pedals, seat belts, gear doors, main legs scissors links, tail hook, canopy roll bracings) or simply add more detail (throttle levers, side consoles, trim wheels, ammo magazines, pilotís seat rear bracing and so on). Of them, the instrument panel, side consoles and seat belts are already pre painted and look really wonderful. A very nice instruction leaflet accompanies the set, clearly telling you what goes where and which parts of the kit should be trimmed beforehand.

While the AZ kit itself is very detailed for the scale, even containing a PE fret, the superlative Beaver offering really enhances the level of detail one step further. The set would be even more beneficial for the less detailed LS or even Fujimi offerings, but, since it is not designed for these kits, there is a chance of a number of parts not fitting.

Editor's Note. You may have noticed the 'Eduard' label on the fret. Eduard produces photo etch for a fairly large number of other companies so this is not unusual.

Happy Modeling!

Spiros Pendedekas

September 2023

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