Profiline Models 1/72 Helicopter trailer
KIT #: 7014
PRICE: 9 Euros including shipping
REVIEWER: Ryan Koschatzky

From an up and coming Czechoslovakian company this is a small trailer used to move Hughes MD-500 series helicopters on the ground.

This set goes nicely with their MD-500 series kits.

These can be ordered through Profiline at

Ryan Koschatzky

(The back of the header card has assembly instructions in a CAD type set of drawings. No color information seems to be provided, though I'm sure a Google will get you that. The kit itself appears to be injected plastic and is mostly the flat base with a bunch of castors that are comprised of the central section and two wheels for each. A tow bar is also part of the package.

It seems that, including cleaning up the mold seams, this could be put together and painted in about a half hour . Ed)

May 2011

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