Verlinden 1/35 USMC Sherman M4A2 Accessory set

KIT #: 2557
PRICE: $20.00
REVIEWER: Andy Garcia
NOTES: For the Dragon kit

I am working on a project to use these parts with a 1/35th scale DML/Dragon M4A2 Sherman kit. The build will also require some Verlinden & Eduard etched to build several WWII Sherman's used by the USMC in the pacific. It has turned out to be a somewhat complicated build because the Sherman tank is not such a simple subject.

The only simple and consistent thing is the name "Sherman". Beyond that the changes between variants and the introduction of evolving field modifications in WWII USMC armor like metal cages, wood plank armor, five penny nails welded to hatches, tin roofing cut into serrated edges, cement filler between the wood plank side appliqué armor, etc. makes for a lot of reference reading, and photo studies.

The Verlinden resin set # 2557 along with an etched metal from both Verlinden and Eduard have made this one possible. Fortunately Bison decals solved my markings problem since there are no kits that come with these bits and pieces out of the box. Some excellent reference books like Squadrons # 6096 Tank Warfare on Iwo Jima by David E. Harper and Concord Books # 7004 Tank Battles of the Pacific War 1941 – 1945 by Steven J. Zaloga have given me much food for thought.

Finding the Verlinden resin set, # 2557 was a triumph. After reading the reference books for fun, I became fascinated with the challenge of trying to replicate some USMC WWII Sherman’s that have all sorts of extra changes compared to the European theatre Sherman’s. They carry water tanks, telephones, wooden planks for side armor and many more modifications that change by tank brigade and island invasion.

The Verlinden resin is of excellent quality. The casting is refined and terrific value for the price. The box is full of detailing parts that would deter me from attempting to build this version from scratch. A prior effort by Italeri to do a USMC Pacific War Sherman OOB came up short. It was much appreciated and wanted by modelers but some of the compromises made with the final kit due to the complexity of the subject matter left folks still waiting. The truth is you need several USMC Pacific Sherman’s due to the variation’s of USMC armor depending on the island campaign. Verlinden though has put many or almost all of the parts you will need in this release.

What’s in the box?

1. An M3 Stuart external gas tank can to be used as a water tank.

2. Exposed Sherman engine compartment and hoses.

3. Three 5 gallon water cans.

4. Five bed rolls, three tarps, and ruck sacks.

5. Seventeen sandbags in a variety of shapes.

6. A well detailed resin .50 cal m.g. with two barrels.

7. Six water canteens.

8. Three wooden boxes for main gun ammo and .50 cal ammo.

9. Seven sections of tank track for appliqué armor.

10. Two idler wheels for the front glacis.

11. Five .50 cal ammo cans.

12. WWII Tanker helmet with goggles (you provide your favorite head).

13. Wooden plank side armor.

This is an excellent resin detail set. What could make it better? Some instructions would help. All you have to work with is a very nice color photo on the box that shows placement of the resin parts. Also a pipe with a faucet for the water tank along with a telephone box would have made this a perfect accessory set.

It fills a much needed gap at a very reasonable price. It must be a big seller because I had trouble finding one. Once I looked at the parts in hand I could understand why. You don’t see too many of these built because the build requires considerable research and many other parts such as decals (Bison 35082 M4A3 on Iwo Jima for example), metal cages on top of the hatches that are very challenging to fabricate and partial or complete wading stacks (resin or etched metal).

I had to purchase a soldering iron to put the cages and wading stacks together. Although someone will be able to use cyano or epoxy for assembly I resorted to looping and tying small copper wire to hold the etched parts together until I could solder the very fine copper wire ties – but that’s another story for a build review. In the meantime take a look at the USMC tanks on a website called to get some inspiration for a unique modeling challenge.

Andy Garcia

October 2011

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