Royal Netherlands Navy Part 1, Various aircraft

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Harald Verweij


Flevo Decals FD48-001 

Royal Netherlands Navy Part 1, Various aircraft

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Harald Verweij

With the “coming of age” of internet, by which I mean the multitude of users and websites dedicated to our hobby, a lot of people have found their niche market of producing decals. Some of the bigger ones tackle most of the, dare I say, mainstream subjects, while others, such as the decals of this particular manufacturer tackle the lesser known subjects.

Flevo Aviation Hobby is the brainchild of two brothers (Björn and Niels Dol, from Lelystad, the Netherlands) who started designing decals for Dutch military subjects.

The first of these is a decal sheet covering 3 aircraft of the Royal Dutch Navy (Koninklijke Marine), the DeHavilland DH-82 Tiger Moth, the North American B-25D Mitchell and the Douglas R4D-1 Dakota.

There are markings for 3 Mitchell’s, 2 R4D-1’s and a single Tiger Moth. They’re printed by Fantasy Printshop in the UK with a minimum of carrier film and my example has them in perfect register. The instructions are 3 A4 sized sheets in colour with colours given in Federal Standard numbers as well as Model Master, Xtracolor, Humbrol and Gunze Aqueous.

The markings supplied for the Mitchell’s are enough to cover 3 aircraft, yet there are only roundels for one, so when you want to build all three, you’re on your own when applying the roundels (then again, most of us modellers have a spares box for just about anything so coming up with those roundels shouldn’t really be a problem, now should it?)

Although I haven’t built anything Dutch yet (which, coming from a Dutch citizen could be viewed as odd) I do see a nice little market for these and I’ll have to build the Mitchell at one point.(just don’t tell my wife that I want to buy another kit..)

 As to the kits their to be used on, the sheet has no recommendation, but there aren’t that many companies that make the 48th scale Mitchell, nor many that do the R4D-1 so that should not be a real problem for us modellers.

 Definitely recommended to all those that embrace our hobby.

 I’d like to thank Niels Dol of for my review sample.


Harald Verweij



Harald Verweij

August 2008

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