Superscale 72-679: F-16N Falcon

Units: VF-43 and VF-45




David Traill

Notes: There has been a previous review with notes about the F-16N adversary training that the Navy did in the late 80s and early 90s before the airframes were retired.

This sheet offers markings for two aircraft, one each from VF-43 and VF-45.  VF-43, the "Challengers," received their F-16Ns for aggressor training after other squadrons had formed.  They were operated as part of a squadron that also operated A-4s, F-5s, and T-2s in that role.  The squadron was disestablished in July of 1994 at NAS Oceana and has not been re-formed.  The representative aircraft for their squadron shown here is Bort number 04.
To see the real thing, A link to a photo of the real thing is

The "Blackbirds" of VF-45 (formerly VA-45 operating A-4s in the strike role) were based at NAS Key West, Florida, when they got their brand new airplanes in October of 1987.  Originally they were assigned 10 single seat F-16Ns and 2 TF-16Ns (essentially F-16Ds), but six of the single seaters were transferred to VF-43.  They proudly flew the Soviet-style star on the tail of their aircraft, of which AD/22 is represented on the sheet.  In March, 1996, the unit passed into history, leaving the Naval Reserve with the responsibility to fly as aggressors for the next few years to come.

All necessary markings are included, and the painting instructions call for several grays, FS 36270, 36307, and 36251.  FS 35237 is also called for, to mkae this a very different paint scheme than most of us are used to seeing.


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