Superscale 72-661: ANG F-16s

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David Traill



With the history of the F-16 being well known and documented previously, this is another sheet from Superscale to allow even more choices for that F-16C sitting on your to do list.  It is important to note, though, that you should check which block/model F-16 you have before starting, as there are many things needed to insure accuracy.  For example, the first of these three aircraft uses the GE F110 engine, while the last two require the appropriate engine nozzle for the Pratt and Whitney F100 engine.  All of them are painted in FS 36118 and FS 36270 with a an underside of FS 36375.

The first of these three Fighting Falcon choices is a F-16C of the 114th Fighter Wing (Lobos) of the South Dakota ANG.  These aircraft replaced A-7D Corsair IIs in 1991/92.  They operate today from Joe Foss Field  on a part of the Sioux Falls IAP.

The second aircraft on this sheet was a part of the former 181st TFG (Tactical Fighter Group) of the Indiana ANG before the Group was re-designated the 181st Fighter Wing.  The group/wingís TH tailcode stems from the unitís base at Terre Haute.

The last option is for an aircraft of the 122nd Fighter Wing, known as the Blacksnakes, another Indiana ANG unit from Fort Wayne.  They have operated P-51s, F-80s, F-86, F-84F, and F-4C before transitioning to the F-16C shown here.  This option is interesting for the musket artwork on the base of the vertical stabilizer.

Overall, the choices given here are useful, and while not the most colorful aircraft on your model flight line, they do offer some interesting options for your 1/72 F-16C models.


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