Superscale 72-416: Foreign P-3 Orions

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David Traill


There has been a lot already written about the West's preeminent ASW platform from the 1960s to the present, so I will get straight to the decals that would fit the Hasegawa offering in 1/72.

Three of the four examples are similar to the older light gull gray and white paint scheme employed by the U.S. Navy.  The first is for the Royal New Zealand Air Force, which has been operating Orions since 1966.  This particular aircraft is from 5 Sqdn.

The second plane is from Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Detachment 33, which is still flying the aircraft today.

The third example is from Spain, and the aircraft's rudder markings are not provided, requiring the modeler to create those on their own.

The last example is from the airframes provided to Iran under the Shah's regime.  This 7 Squadron example can easily be described as the most colorful Orion paint scheme ever offered.  It uses three shades of blue and FS36495 light gray.

This sheet is amazingly still available from, and now I have to decide which one to use on my forthcoming kit.  Enjoy!

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