Superscale 72-121: 8th AF P-51 Mustangs

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David Traill


Notes: With all of the Mustang sheets out there, this one needs little introduction or background for an aircraft everyone instantly recognizes.

This sheet offers 6 choices of Mustangs, some well-known, and some not.  Overall, there are two P-51Bs, and four P-51Ds to choose from.  All are natural metal finishes, and there are no national insignia provided (raid your spares box).

The first is for the well-known P-51B "Shangri-La" flown by the 336th Fighter Squadron's Don Gentile with 29 kills.  The second P-51B is for "Bee", flown by Duane Beeson, with 20 kills of his own.

The first P-51D is the famous "Cripes A'Mighty 3rd", George Preddy's 487th FS bird.  He managed 34 kills according to the decal sheet, and the "Detroit Miss" of the 375th FS, piloted by Urban Drew, added another 7. " Daddy's Girl", Raymond Whitmore's Mustang, had 23 kills, and the last Mustang on the sheet, "Petie 2nd" flown by John Meyer, added 16.

With all of these choices, and all of these kills, this sheet certainly provides some interesting options for a Mustang builder.

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