Superscale 72-093: RA-5C Vigilante

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David Traill


History: The RA-5C history was detailed in an earlier review, so please refer to that write-up for details on these legendary Naval reconnaissance aircraft.

The decals: These out of production examples appear to be early examples/ paint schemes due to their unusual light blue colorations on some of the markings.  Paint-wise, all three planes call for gull gray upper surfaces and white undersides common during the 60s and 70s.  There are no national markings, so those will have to come from your spares box.

The first aircraft (AG-603) is for RVAH-1, which was assigned to the USS Independence.  The Smokin' Tigers transitioned to the RA-5C in August 1964. The unit flew off of Indy most often until 1967.  Later it operated from USS Enterprise, and then was disestablished in January of 1979.  Markings for the same unit can be found in some boxings by Minicraft/Hasegawa.

The second example (GS- 401) is for a unit which also can be found on Superscale sheet 72-528, RVAH-6 "Fleurs."  They operated Vigilantes from 1965-1978, and no carrier markings are provided.

The last aircraft shown is NG-608, for RVAH-11.  The unit flew Vigilantes from July 1966 to June 1975, and again, no carrier name is listed.  This unit's marks are found in older Minicraft/Hasegawa kits with marks for the USS Ranger.

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