Scalemaster SM-27 P-3C Orion

Units: VP-40


long out of production


David Traill

The Fighting Marlin" of VP-40 have been operating examples of the Lockheed P-3 Orion family since 1967, when they turned in their Martin Marlin P5M-2 seaplanes and transitioned at NAS Moffett Field.  This ended the last operational deployment of a seaplane squadron in U.S. Naval History, as surveillance of the oceans turned more to shore-based squadrons.  (As a note, the Marlins acquired their nickname from operating the Martin Marlin, and the older Hasegawa boxings include VP-40's examples on their decal sheet along with the French Navy example.)

Since transitioning to the P-3, the unit has gone from P-3Bs to P-3Cs, which they have operated since 1975 after tours in Vietnam.  Aircraft from the unit took part in the ill-fated search and rescue operation for the Korean Air Lines flight 007 that was shot down by the USSR in 1983, and since upgrading to Update-III aircraft, they also took part in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

The decal sheet is designed to be used with the only 1/72 Orion kit, from Hasegawa.  Aircraft 159327 is a high-viz example with a striking marlin logo on the tail.  QE/7 uses the white, light gull gray base and requires the Hasegawa decal sheet to completely replicate the markings on the real thing, including the "stars and bars."


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