Repliscale 1020: F-15 Eagle

Units: 5 FIS, 199 FIS, 318 FIS, 128 TFS




David Traill

Now a highly sought after sheet, this foursome of F-15 choices was produced identically by Repli-Scale in 1/48 and 1/72 scales.  The 1/48 catalog number was 48-5020, but the scans shown here are from the 1/72 sheet, 72-1020.  Note that only one set of four "stars and bars" is provided; if you want to model more than one of these beauties you would need to find some more.  All of them are painted in FS 36375/FS 36320.

The Aircraft:

The now-defunct Air Defense Command 5th FIS replaced its F-106As with F-15As in 1985, operating from Hector Field in Minot, North Dakota.  The unit lasted less than a year before it was deactivated, making its Eagles perhaps the shortest-lived user in its history.  After they deactivated, their aircraft were sent to the Massachusetts ANG.  76-015

In 1983, F-15A and B models began to replace the 318th FIS F-106As at McChord AFB.  The unit disestablished in 1989, with their aircraft being sent to the Oregon ANG.  76-111 was the CO's aircraft.  It was sent to AMARC in 1995.

The 116th TFW of the Georgia ANG received their first Eagles in 1986, relieving F-4Ds.  They were in turn replaced by B-1Bs.  The example aircraft (74-116) proudly carries the state name and ANG badge on its tail.

Hawaii ANG 199 FIS F-4Cs were replaced by F-15As beginning in 1987, the first ANG unit to operate the Eagle.  The unit was later renamed the 199th FS of the 154th Wing in 1992, a year after F-15Cs began replacing the earlier A and B models. Decals for 74-107 are provided, which was transferred to Israel in 1992.  Less colorful Hawaii ANG Eagle markings can be found on Superscale 72-715.

Here is some addendum information on the 5 FIS aircraft:

- Air Defense Command was gone when the 5th FIS converted from F-106s to F-15s, so the 5th FIS was in Tactical Air Command during the transition, not ADC.

- The squadron was based at Minot Air Force base, just north of the town of Minot, ND, not Hector Field.  Hector Field is in Fargo, ND on the other side of the state. The unit also had alert detachments, first at Holloman AFB, NM, then Loring AFB, ME. 

- I flew the first F-15s there starting in December 1984, and the squadron flew F-15s for over 3 1/2 years, disbanding on 1 July 1988.   The squadron's life in F-15s may have been short, but it was 3 1/2 years, not "less than a year". Most of the 5th FIS Eagles did transfer to the Massachusetts ANG.

Attached is a photo when I was leading a two-ship of Minot F-15s. I was flying in 76-015 in the photo.

- Stan Kasprzyk


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