Real Space 1/144 Space Shuttle

KIT #:
PRICE: $8.00
DECALS: Five options
NOTES: Available in 1/72

It's too bad that the Cutting Edge space shuttle decal sheet is long since unavailable, because that was quite well regarded for depicting the dirty underside of Space Shuttles after years of punishing re-entries. But you're not doomed to work solely with the crappy decals from your Airfix shuttle if you chose that in 1/144, like I did, or the decals from the Revell alternative which are probably better than the Airfix ones.

No! Instead, this neat sheet from Real Space Models gives you all you need to improve the topsides of any one of all five of the orbiters and also the Enterprise prototype (that never flew in space). As long as you do your research, you're off to a head start on depicting just about any mission you want, too, because the set comes with the "worm" (the word NASA written in a cool 70s flowing font) or the "meatball" (the blue circle with red swoosh and NASA written in it that always makes me vomit, mentally, at the idea that someone has been eating meatballs so disgusting they think this thing looks like a meatball. See a doctor, dude)!
The sheet also contains the tiles that go around the windscreen, because some of the kits have an incorrectly shaped windscreen area. There are decals for the hatch and various warning and data labels, too.
I haven't used these yet so I can't say how well they work, but they are certainly nicely printed. And they are certainly better than what came in my Airfix kit.
I had great service from Real Space Models when I bought this sheet and it is a bargain at $8 because it will make the world of difference to my Airfix shuttle when it finally gets built.

Richard F

April 2015

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