Cutting Edge 48-152 for the U-2

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Steve Mesner

Cutting Edge has recently produced several resin conversions and detail sets for the venerable Hawk/Testor U-2A and U-2C kits in 1/48 scale. To support these accessories, they've also released several sheets of decals for U-2s in various interesting paint schemes.

Sheet CED48152 features markings for seven different U-2s:

1. U-2C 56-6692 in the two-tone gray “Sabre” scheme seen on UK-based U-2s in the 1970s. The instruction sheet gives detailed directions on several different ways to achieve the two shades of gray--pick your favorite. Left, right, and upper diagrams are provided for the Sabre camo scheme.

2. U-2C 56-6716, also in the Sabre scheme.

3. U-2C 56-6700, a third Sabre scheme bird. Why three similar aircraft? The three carried different equipment, pods, bulges, sensors, etc. The instruction sheet handily highlights these differences with red arrows so you can select the exact version you wish to model.

4. U-2A N803X of the CIA, early ‘60s. The instruction sheet contains the startling (to me, anyway) information that these airplanes were not painted flat black, but Non-Specular Sea Blue (FS35042).

5. U-2A N800X, another NSSB CIA bird. Note that for these A models you will either have to start with a vintage Hawk kit (the Testor reissue has been altered to a C model) or use Meteor Productions’ U-2A conversion set. Again, there are minor equipment differences between N800X and N803X, which the instruction sheet points out with red arrows.

6. U-2F 56-6707, of the 4080 SRW, in overall matte black, Vietnam deployment. The U-2F was U-2A-based and featured “ram’s horn” antennas. Again, Meteor Productions has the conversion set available.

7. U-2C 56-6681 of NASA, 1980, in an attractive gray and white civilian-type scheme with blue striping. The decal sheet includes the blue striping in several sections.

One set of white walkways is provided, as is one red turbine warning stripe. Black wing walks, wing stencils, national insignia, and additional warning stencils are available on Cutting Edge decal sheet CED48151. You will not be able to build all seven U-2s using just the reviewed sheet, but the provided decals should do at least three models (one Sabre scheme, the NASA bird, and one of the blue or black aircraft).

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