Tally Ho 48019: Mustang Aces pt II

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Dan Lee

Who doesn't want more Mustang Aces?  The Czech company Tally Ho! printed this sheet in 2001 with two aces from the 8th AF and two from the 9th AF.  The sheet does not recommend any specific kit so it appears these decals should be okay for any 1/48 P-51B and P-51D kit.

The first plane represented is the 8th's Chuck Yeager's P-51B "Glamorus Glen" which was shot down over France in 1944.  Chuck Yeager was rescued by the French Resistance and sent back to England.  For those wondering, it was Glamorus not Glamorous for this particular plane.  According to the decal sheet, this was the actual spelling on the plane.  The Mustang was painted in the classic USAAF Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with the white spinner and white band at the front of the fuselage.

The second plane decals are for the 9th AF's Felix Rogers' P-51B-7 (Bubble Canopy) "Beantown Banshees." This is a bare metal P-51B with D-Day Invasion stripes, OD anti-glare panel, yellow spinner and black stripe at the front of the fuselage.  The Invasion stripes are not provided so you will have to paint them or add alternate decals.

The third plane is the 8th's Urban Drew's P-51D.  According to the decal sheet, Urban Drew's Mustang was an early bare metal D model which does not have the fin fillet found on most P-51D kits.  This means some kit modification as well as some panel line rescribing if you want to do this plane accurately.  The plane does require some invasion stripes, but like "Beantown Banshees" you will have to do your own as the sheet does not provide them.

The fourth plane is the 9th's Glenn Eagleston's P-51D. It comes complete with 18.5 kill markings and painted eagle.  The plane is bare metal with OD anti-glare, and yellow spinner and stripe on the front fuselage.  No invasion stripes required.

There aren't many stencils provided with this decal sheet so you will have have to use an alternate sheet if you want to do the complete roster of Mustang Stencils.

The Tally Ho sheet comes with a color detailed paint and decal location guide for all four planes.  They also provide a paint guide for various paint manufacturers.

According to the decal sheet, the Tally Ho! decals will work with any decal set solutions.

I don't know if this sheet is still available from Tally Ho! or not.  I obtained it when I stumbled
across it while hunting around the decal sheet bargain bin at the local hobby store.  Their website only contains information on their latest sheets.

Dan Lee

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