Cutting Edge 48233: Big Jugs pt III

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Dan Lee

This particular decal sheet from Cutting Edge is for three different P-47s, two Razorback Ds and one bubble top D (for Tamiya and Hasegawa kits only.)

The first P-47D is "Eileen" flown by Lt. Frank Oiler from the Duxford based 78th FS.  It has the famous checkerboard cowl and is painted in British colours. Cutting Edge recommends the use of British Dark Green over British Sky, but they admit that there is some doubt over the actual colours of this particular Jug.

The other two markings are for P-47s Razorbacks of the famous 56th FG.  Both are painted in USAAF standard Olive Drab over Neutral Grey and have the front of the cowl painted in red.

The first of the 56th FG Jugs is for a P-47D-15 flown by Samuel Stamps which has a pinup on the port side of the cowl.  Cutting Edge split the pinup into two decals, the yellow orange stamp and the girl.

The second 56th FG Jug is for Group Leader 'Hub' Zemke.  The Decal Sheets states that this notable Jug was the one he used to get his 10th kill.  It is also the same plane he flew when he encountered Luftwaffe Experten Gunther Rall and nearly became one of Rall's 275 victims.

The decals are what you expect for an aftermarket set: very thin and the clear borders are almost non existent.  The detail is very sharp and within register.  A set of stencils and a location diagram are provided if you do not want to use the Tamiya or
Hasegawa stencils.

One important note is that Cutting Edge recommends these decals require the Microscale Finishing system and strongly state that one should NOT use Solvaset with these decals.

Dan Lee

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