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 Aeromaster 48-469 1/48 S-3 Viking




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Fred Krause


Vikings of the Fleet pt.2


Brand new from Aeromaster comes this decal sheet covering markings of three S-3A Viking units in the hi visibility gull gray over white scheme. It consists of one standard size sheet covering the unit markings, some minor stenciling, and national insignia for one a/c. Another 1/3rd sheet is provided with NAVY titleís, carrier and unit titles, and a/c serial numbers.

Markings are provided for a/c 159411 from VS-22 "Checkmates" off the USS Saratoga circa 1976, a/c 159741 from VS-28 "Gamblers" off the USS Forrestal circa 1987, and a/c 160586 from VS-38 "World Famous Red Griffins" off the USS Ranger circa 1989. The Griffins a/c is the CAG bird, while the other two are not. It should be noted that VS-28 was disestablished along with the rest of CVW-6 in 10-92.

My sheet is well printed and in register. The only problem is that the "AC" tailcode on the VS-22 a/c has a gray "blotch" of ink in the red part of the "A". The other sheet Iíve seen of this release had it too. It must have happened on most every sheet, as a corrected "AC" decal is provided separately.

Unfortunately, very little stenciling is provided. However, the instructions mention that hi visibility stenciling is available from sheet AMD 148-028. I donít think this sheet is out yet, but it will be most welcome! Now maybe I can use some of those Superscale S-3 decals that Iíve been wanting to use, but havenít, for lack of stencils!

This is another really great sheet from Aeromaster, and hopefully will not be the last Viking sheet they do. Its nice to see a manufacturer print a sheet for something other than a "hot" kit! I highly recommend these decals for anyone interested in the Viking.