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Microscale 72-079 for USMC A/EA-6A Intruder




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The Marine Corps received its first Intruders in 1964. The first unit to use the A-6A was VMA(AW)-242 in Vietnam. The first unit to use the EA-6A was VMCJ-1. The Intruder has been the major workhorse of the Marine Corps for the last twenty nine years as a close air support plane from Vietnam to Bosnia. Almost all the units that had the Intruder have been changed to the F-18 or decommissioned. To see more of the Marine Corps Intruder, visit 
this is a site all about the Marine Corps Intruder.

There are enough markings for all four different aircraft, the insignia is not supplied with this sheet. The color scheme is the same for all four aircraft: Gull Grey on the top and White on the bottom.

The first decals are for a EA-6A of VMCJ-1 156989/ RM02. The radome is Off-White and dive brakes are Dark Grey. The design on the rudder a yellow hawk on a yellow lighting bolt over a red number one in a white circle.

The next one is for a A-6A of VMA(AW)-242 *Bats* 155624/ DT04. The radome is Off-White. The rudder decal is black with a black bat in a white shield. The tail code has a yellow lighting bolt going through the black *DT*.

The third decal is a A-6A of VMA(AW)-533 *Night Hawks* 155692YY/ ED11. The radome is Off-White and the anti-glare and canopy trim are Blue. The rudder is black with three white stripes. There is a blue hawk behind and below the canopy. There is also markings for 1st Lieutenant Greg Ward as the navigator and the pilots name is stamped *The Very Diabolical*. The tail code is shaded white to the right.

The last decal is for EA-6A of VMCJ-2 *Playboys* 149475/ CY22.The radome is Black and dive brakes are Dark Rusty Brown. There is a white Playboy Bunny with a red bow tie inside a black rectangle with red trim. There is also a decal of a white Snoopy with a red helmet that is below and front of the canopy.

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