Superscale 48-436 for EA-6B Prowler






 Chris Ishmael


Desert Storm Prowlers

Performing the vital airborne electronic signal-jamming role, the EA-6B combat debut came over the jungles of Viet Nam, and continued on through Operation Desert Storm.

The instruction sheet is typical Super Scale, with black & white line drawings showing the a/c in profile, and smaller drawings for particular decal placement. All three a/c are in the 3-tone gray tactical paint scheme. Two sets of common markings are provided. The medium gray markings are for either the VAQ-131 or 141 a/c, and the dark. Gray data is for the VAQ-137 a/c, so two a/c can be done from this one sheet. The smaller printing on the placards is unreadable. The sheet comes with two sets of fuselage formation light decals, but no wraparound wingtip formation lights are present. Only one of the radiation I.D marks that were unique to the EA-6B is present, but the instructions show only the VAQ-131 a/c having it. The wing and aft fuselage non-skid walkways will have to be painted on or come from another decals source.

First up is VAQ-131 "Lancers", assigned to the USS Ranger. This a/c had special markings under each side of the forward canopy rails, consisting of a ship in a set of crosshairs wit a missile about to impact it, indicative if the seven HARM launches this a/c had during the conflict. All the other markings are standard.

Next up is VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks" while aboard the Theodore Roosevelt. This a/c has a nose art applied on the left side in the form of sultry lass riding HARM, with the words "Eve of Destruction" around it. All other markings are standard.

The final a/c from this sheet is from VAQ-137 "Rooks", deployed with the USS America. This a/c also had 7 HARM launches to its credit, indicated by the seven white HARM missiles silhouettes on each side of the nose. This a/c uses the dark gray data. I have seen photo’s of other VAQ-137 a/c with the engine intake lip & splitter plate painted in the same dark gray the data is printed in.

All three units are still in operation, but with the retirement of the Ranger & America, on different ships. VAQ-131 is now on the Constellation, VAQ-141 is part of the Enterprises compliment, & VAQ-137 is now on the Theodore Roosevelt.

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