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Superscale 48-220 for F-4S Phantom II





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Chris Ishmael


Low viz markings

The service life of the F-4 in USN service lasted for over thirty years, from the early sixties to the early nineties. Units that were still operating the F-4 in the early eighties saw the change over from the gull gray with colorful markings to the overall gull gray & tactical paint scheme ( TPS ,or the yuck & double yuck scheme), both with subdued markings.

This sheet covers the overall gray & TPS, both with some color to them. The sheet has enough decals to do both aircraft, including all the maintenance stenciling, a rarity nowadays. Some of the smaller stenciling isnít readable, though. The wingtip formation lights are missing, but the fuselage lights are provided.

The first aircraft up is the CAG bird from VF-103 when they were known as the "Sluggers" in the TPS. This is a earlier TPS, with different grays applied to the aircraft than the current TPS. The upper surfaces are FS 36375 lt. ghost gray, but the sides are FS 36495 lt. gray, and the bottom surfaces are FS 36622 cammo gray , an Air Force color ! (Editor's Note: My references indicate that the TPS for the F-4 is FS 35237, FS 36320 and FS 36375.) The common markings are the lighter shade of gray on the right side of the decal sheet. Only the yellow arrow outline provides some visual relief from all the gray.

The second aircraft is from VF-302 "Stallions", a west coast reserve fighter squadron. This aircraft is in the overall matte gull gray scheme. The only color on this aircraft are the red ejection seat warning triangles, & the yellow fin flash. The darker gray markings are used on this paint scheme.

Both squadrons transitioned to the F-14, but only VF-103 still flies today, operating the F-14B under the Jolly Rogers name & squadron markings.

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