Aeromaster PAP 365 for 1/48 A-1 Skyraider






 Chris Ishmael


VA-176 Mig Killer flight - IPMS 2000 nats special

Aeromaster had been providing the special edition decals for the IPMS National Convention, and this sheet is one of the two sheets from the 2000 convention held in Dallas, TX.

Aeromaster has chosen a historical event for the aircraft modeler to do, using the popular subject of Mig killers of the Viet Nam Conflict. During the fall of 1966, a four aircraft section from VFA-176 flying off the Intrepid, were engaged by enemy Migs. The end result was one kill, one probable & one possible, with the A-1Hs emerging victorious.

This set is notable in that all 4 aircraft from the flight can be done from it. All the modeler needs to do is provide 4 sets of national insignia. There does not seem to be much in the way of maintenance stenciling on the actual aircraft, and none is provided.

The set comes with a lot of paper. There are two sheets of full color instructions sheets with the first showing all 4 aircraft from the right side, & the second sheet shows an overhead view of all four, with smaller, additional drawings to show specific decal placement, such as the propeller face, & the lower surface of the right wing. A full color print of one of the aircraft on board the Intrepid is included.

Another sheet contains nothing but text on the history of the flight & subsequent engagement, 10 good reference sources for the modeler, & some general and specific notes for each of the 4 individual a/c.

The decals themselves come on 2 standard size sheets & one tiny 3x3 square, and are of typical good quality expected of Aeromaster. The main sheet has all 8 of the famous bumblebee insignia, all the propeller markings, 8 Battle "E" markings, and the common markings for one of the aircraft. The other sheet has the common markings for the remaining 3 aircraft, plus the kill markings. The tiny third sheet has 4 rescue arrows and the tail hook stripes.

As many modelers are also avid aviation historians, I can see this sheet being put to good use.


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