TwoBobs 48-058: B-1B Lancer: "Seek & Destroy"

Units: 34 and 37 BS




Ricardo Horta

This is one of the newest and most awaited Two Bobs decal sheet. It’s the B-1B “Seek and Destroy” sheet that will allow you to choose from three B-1B’s operating during OIF. The decal sheet has enough data for two models, one of which must be the “Seek and Destroy”. The decals have a very good quality and are printed my Microscale. The nose art comes in a separate insert and are printed by Archer Fine Transfers. Here’s what you can build with this sheet:

 AF86-138 “Seek and Destroy”: 37th Bomb Squad from Ellsworth Air Base. This is the star of this decal sheet. It represents the B-1B that attacked the “target of opportunity” on the 7th of April 2003 in Iraq. This target of opportunity was a building where Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi top leaders were presumably having a meeting. You can read the full story on the excellent two-page colored instruction sheet. If you want to build this aircraft as it was BEFORE this mission, be sure to leave the noseart out since it was only applied after the aircraft returned to the US. The noseart consists of a dragon and a tiger.

 AF86-095 “Dakota Demolition”: 34th BS. Very cool noseart featuring a B-1B dropping a bomb while flying through a canyon.

 AF86-125 “Swift Justice”: 34th BS. Noseart featuring an Eagle’s head with the American flag on the background and the word “Justice” below.


 For the “Seek and Destroy” jet you get two decals for FOD covers. It looks like Two Bobs forgot you’ll need four decals for four engines. They already know about it and will correct this situation. Highly recommended.

Editor's Note: Though Ricardo didn't provide profiles for these planes, both of them are in the current FS 36118 overall Gunship Grey color scheme. Of course, the only available kit is the Monogram/Revell 1/48 B-1B, which will take some work to bring up to modern specifications.

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