RBD 48010 Saab Viggen
PRICE: @$22.00
KIT: Any appropriate 1/48 Viggen
REVIEWER: Andrew Garcia
UNITS: 12 aircraft options

While working on my latest project, a two seat JA 37 Viggen conversion using the Maestro Models resin set (K4820) I was on the hunt for some decals. None came with the resin conversion set and probably the thinking is there are only a few “numbers” required which you might make up from other decal sheets such as the Tarangus, Special Hobby, Airfix or ESCI (shudder) kits from your stash.


A web search indicated that a newly released sheet was available so I went looking for it. It is available directly from the artist and modeler who produces it, Robert Bergwall at http://www.rbdstudio.se/. They are also available from Hannant’s. Robert is an artist and passionate perfectionist modeler so his research and product quality is quite good. The decals are printed by Cartograf who have a reputation for printing exceptionally fine details in their decals. I was quite amazed at the details captured and color replication – simply fantastic. It is all in register and contains some very intricate emblems and squadron symbols – all perfectly reproduced. Although it is a Swedish product the instructions and details are in English.


The title is quite long: “AJ/AJS, SF/AJSF, SH/AJSH, SK/SK 37E Viggen” – Yes, every AJ 37 JA 37 etcetera  Viggen version including photo recon, two-seat trainers, and ECM platforms are included.  Robert Bergwall also included some bonus decals which do not appear in the color profiles. If you have one of the very good reference books such as the Nordic Airpower #5 Saab 37 Viggen – The Ultimate Portfolio 2014, you will see many interesting Viggen color photos. Robert has produced the markings needed for many other airframes on this decal sheet. This decal surpasses anything I have seen on other Viggen decal releases. It is one of those releases that after you go through the color booklet and stencil guide  that comes with the decals you will realize  if or when it becomes unavailable it will be a highly sought after collector’s item.


The aircraft represent a cross section of twelve (12) unique Viggen markings for bare metal - natural metal finished; green splinter and grey over grey schemes. If you understand the subject matter you will come to a realization Robert put a few very unique airframes into this selection which will delight many Viggen modelers. Add the bonus decals and you have many more choices.


First up is an AJ 37 #37034 in the overall splinter green camo with white letters on the wing tops.

ext is a SF 37 photo recon bird #37965 with a special Christmas painting scheme. In addition to using photo references from both sides of the airframe Robert received details form the aircraft’s maintenance crew!


The third is a two seat SK 37E ECM platform, # 37811, which was the only grey painted SK 37.


Forth, an SH 37 #which gained fame as having sent a Russian Su-15 Flagon to a watery grave is featured in its splinter camo you need some wing numbers from the RBD48011 decal sheet to complete this airframe.


Number five is an SK 37, #37808, now at the Le Bourget museum, is a two-seat trainer in splinter green.


Number six is an AJ 37, #37009 in its natural metal delivery scheme.


Number seven is an AJSH 37 photo recon airframe in overall splinter green.


Number eight is an AJSF 37 photo recon airframe in overall grey on grey – the only AJSF 37 painted in this scheme that included the large upper wing markings.


Number nine, #37813 is a two-seat SK 37E ECM platform in splinter green.


Number ten is an AJSH 37 #37901 in splinter green with the white ghost from the 1st maintenance squadron. An earlier version of this airframe with the Skane region badge is also provided.


Number eleven, #37104, is an AJS 37 photo recon airframe in overall splinter green with unique white square formed markings on its wings.


Number twelve is an AJ 37 airframe in overall splinter green featuring the white ghost and stylized Santa Clause on a red tail for the Christmas card greeting in 1995.


It is my understanding that Tarangus/Special Hobby will be releasing a two-seater JA 37 Skol and JA 37E ECM 1/48th scale version next year that would be perfect for these decals if you do not have the desire or need to go through a resin conversion with a less than perfect kit (the old ESCI/Airfix Viggen release in 1/48th) at this time. Get it while you can!

Andrew Garcia

November 2015

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