Flevo Decals FD72-022 RNAF Historical Flight




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Harald Verweij



As with many air forces around the world, the RNlAF has a historic flight that compromises some of the types that were flown by the RNlAF.

This superb decal sheet by Flevodecals has markings for the following airplanes:

DeHavilland DH82 Tiger Moth. This plane wears its trainer yellow livery with military markings, but is a civilian registered plane. 

Piper L-21B Super Cub, in camouflage with military markings, but also civilian markings.

Spitfire Mk.IXc  overall Aluminium, as with the above mentioned aircraft, in military markings with a civilian registration.

North American B-25 Mitchell. This aircraft used to belong to the Duke of Brabant flight, but was transferred to the RNlAF Historic flight some years ago. The plane is Olive Brown over Neutral Grey, again wearing ,military markings and its civilian registration. 

Next are 3 Canadian built AT-16 Harvards, two in trainer yellow and one in Extra Dark Seagray and Dark Green over PRU Blue. As with the others, they are dressed in military markings but wear a civilian registration.

Beechcraft T-7 Navigator is next, in overall aluminium with black anti glare panels and de-icing boots. 

A nice addition to this sheet is the DeHavilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, in standard military camouflage with dayglo panels.  This aircraft also wears a civilian registration.

The odd one out on this sheet is undoubtedly the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, as the RNlAF never used this aircraft. However, when you visit the site of the historic flight, www.skhv.nl, you will see that they have this aircraft as many pilots have learned to fly in this particular type, hence the reason to include it.

A very special plane, in my opinion, is the Ryan STM-5, in overall Aluminium dope, with pre-war markings (and civilian registration).

Stinson L-5B, also Aluminium Dope with a red engine cowling and red stripe.

 The last 2 aircraft are a Taylorcraft Auster MK.III, once again in Aluminium Dope.

 The last aircraft is a Fokker S-11, in trainer Yellow and Dayglo panels. The historic flight has 5 of these, 4 usually fly in formation at air shows, in Fokker 4 formation.

 The decals themselves are on 4 different sheets, not a continuous A5 sheet as with most decal manufacturers. The are in register (as with other Flevo Decals) and have been printed by BOA of the Czech Republic.. These decals have not been sized to any specific kit, but you are given the choice of kit on the instructions (which is a nice touch, saves you some searching).

 The instructions are an A5 size booklet, printed by Postmaster of Lelystad in full color and comprises 16 pages and are very comprehensive.

Colors are given in both Federal Standard, as well as the more common brands such as Xtraolor, Model Master, Humbrol and even Gunze Acrylics.

 Highly recommended.

November 2013

Harald Verweij

 My thanks to both Björn and Niels Dol of Flevodecals for the review sample.

 These decals can be bought directly from Flevodecals:  http://www.flevodecals.net/indexe.html

 The scans for this review were taken from the Flevodecals website, with permission of the owners, as my scanner suffered water damage some time ago.